Why You Should Never Work Out Alone

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Some people seem to naturally excel with gym buddies, but maybe you consider yourself more of a lone wolf. That’s fine in many aspects of your life, but it will only hurt you at the gym. Besides motivation and being held accountable to someone else, there are many things at the gym you simply can’t do alone. Whether you prefer a regular trainer or a friend who’s as dedicated as you, staying social at the gym is crucial to your success.

Let’s start with the basics. People are naturally competitive, and that whole accountability thing really does work. However, it only works if you choose someone who really will keep you motivated. Your BFF might not be the best choice, since you both might opt for happy hour instead of a workout (or after one). Instead, choose someone who might not be as close but who’s committed.

The Cardio Side of Things

 A comprehensive workout is comprised of cardio and strengthening. Depending on your personal preference, you might find a running buddy or someone who enjoys the same classes as you. Everyone’s tired after a full day of work. Make an agreement that each of you can only have one excuse per month. Put it in writing to make it more official.

Things naturally pop up, such as your daughter’s dance recital. If scheduling is an issue, see about a makeup session. However, try to stick to a regular schedule as much as possible. This will help ingrain working out into your natural routine.

Getting Stronger

 How many times have you seen people “lifting” weights casually, as if they could be knitting at the same time? If you’re not struggling, you’re not doing it right. You should need someone to help you complete a set and it should be impossible on your own. For safety reasons, you should always have someone spotting you while at the bench.

It’s nearly impossible to truly build muscle without the help of someone else. You’ll hit a plateau, and if you’re not increasing weight every week or so you’re not actually doing anything but maintaining. A gym buddy or trainer helps you push past those plateaus and continue advancing. On top of your gym buddy or trainer, you may also seek help from healthy supplements in the market such as clear nails plus.

Just the Facts

 It might seem like it, but working out isn’t a solo activity. Just like finding the right replacement windows for Harrisburg PA, you need some expert guidance and a little support. It’s easy not to try your best, skip days and not push past plateaus when you’re on your own. When this happens, you really are just wasting time at the gym.

An ideal gym buddy is hard to find, so be open. Consider asking if there’s anyone at your gym looking for a partner and starting there. Your friends and co-workers might not be the best fit for what you need. However, branching out can help get you acquainted with an entirely new (workout-minded) group of people.