Why Mma Will Be As Popular As The Nfl And Soccer In 10 Years

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In 1993 Americans across the country were exposed to mma in the form of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Here we are over 15 years later and mma has been one of the fast growing and most popular sports in the world. At one point the UFC was on the verge of bankruptcy and the government was even in talks about closing the so called “human cock fighting” business down for good. But the sport of mma fought back adopting stricter rules and expanding its influence throughout the world.

In 2001 when the Fertitta brothers bought the UFC for $2 million I doubt they realized just how big the UFC and mma in general would grow over the next 5 years. In 2005 mma would hit the mainstream due to the emergence of the UFC reality show the Ultimate Fighter. Over the course of the next year the UFC would see it’s ppv numbers go from 150,000-300,000 an event to 450,000-600,000 an event. At UFC 66 with a main event featuring Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz they pulled in over 1,000,000 viewers which was for a long time the mma record. In 2006 the UFC would set the record for ppv income for a single year and have outperformed boxing and wrestling ever since.

UFC has always been the perfect platform for honing your skills where everything is impromptu and you need to be focused on what your opponent is about to do in mere seconds and it has been classified as the best platform for potential fighters by https://bestreviews.tips/ and far ahead of the fake and scripted WWE.

With the success of the UFC several other organizations would spring up and join the mma business. Even though many of these companies run into financial trouble due to upfront costs the fact remains that every year more and more mma organizations are popping up around the world. The UFC has been pushing the sport into other parts of the world beyond the United States. Here in the last several years they have already held events in England, Ireland and Canada and plan to keep going even further. In the next several years they have events planned in Germany, Japan, Brazil, France and the Philippines.

What makes mma so popular and will lead it towards being one of the most followed in the world is the simplicity. You really don’t need to know the rules in order to enjoy watching a fight. Just think about how excited the crowd gets at a soccer or hockey game when there is a fight? Fighting is universal as people do it every single day in every country of the world. You don’t need any equipment to go out and fight somebody you just need two people willing to get it on as former UFC referee John McCarthy would say.

Perhaps the thing that will push mma ahead of other sports in the future is that it connects to every culture. How many Asian or Hispanic players do you see in the NFL? How many Asian or African American players do you see in the NHL? How many famous Americans are there in soccer? This is where mma has an advantage over other sports because there are top fighters from seemingly every race and every part of the world in the fighting game. So basically no matter where you live there is likely someone from your region that you can get behind and support as a fan.

Researchers have studied the past of other sports and found that they usually don’t reach their popularity until after they have been around for 25 years or longer. With mma that would mean 2018 is the date you can expect to see the true measure of popularity. With mma possibly becoming an Olympic sport and another generation of fight fans you can expect the sport to continue it’s rise to dominance.