Why is it essential to Tip the delivery guy?

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Tipping is a well-known term and all of us know what it stands for, right? A lot of people love to tip the delivery guy who has worked hard to bring the parcel to your home. However, there are also a set of people who are completely against this concept. To make sure that your delivery guy continues to do the hard work and keep him motivated, it is essential that we tip them with whatever we can. Here are some tips to consider when tipping the delivery guy.

  • If everything goes well with the delivery and the weather is also good, then you should tip at least 20% of the standard cost of the meal you ordered with food delivery cash payment. You should never tip less than five bucks.
  • If the order is huge, suppose you have ordered food for 30 people, then the delivery guy has to manage a bigger load than usual. In such cases, it is a good idea to tip the guy a little bit extra since he will be working even more to get all the food properly.

  • The weather is unpredictable and it can be a tough day for delivery guys to work when it is raining heavily or the snow is too heavy. That’s more work than the normal days. On such days, if you are ordering something, make sure to tip 2-3% extra to the delivery guy.

Delivery guys are working round the clock to make sure that your orders reach you without any hassles. So, you need to appreciate their efforts and that can be simply done by tipping them with a few extra bucks. Make sure to tip them right and share your happiness with them.