Why Do Celebrities And VIPs Have Bodyguards With Them All The Time?

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Generally, when you see any of your favorite celebrity around you, there is a chance that you will not see them alone any time. The celebrities do have a team of bodyguard around them, and they are never alone. Even if you are interested in meeting them once, the guards won’t allow you to do so without the permission of the celebrity who is between their circle.

But have you ever wondered about it that why actually the people are in need of bodyguards? It is not the condition that there are bodyguards for the celebrities only, but you can also see that some of the VIPs, like a big businessman, also have bodyguards. Well, there are some of the reasons behind it, and they are as follows:-

Personal protection:- 

The people who are VIPs are important for the growth of the nation; they can be ministers, businessman or any other leader who are working day in and day out in the betterment of the economy and hence need personal protection. Apart from this, the celebrities are famous enough that people might gather around them when they roam out in public, and it will be better that they go for bodyguard hire to protect themselves from the crowd.

Image protection:

 It is not like always you will need protection when you are famous enough; sometimes you might need protection to look famous and popular among the people. Many of the celebrities hire this service because they are interested in looking popular.

Family protection:- 

When you are working in the favor of society, there is a chance that some people might not like what you are doing. And instead of attacking the VIPs, they might attack their family and friends. Hence, it is important to keep them safe, and that is why they hire bodyguards for them.