Weight Loss Supplements: Truth Or Scam?

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The appeal of losing weight is quite hard to resist. But do weight-loss pills and products really help you to achieve your goal or they just do nothing but lighten your wallet. Are they a safe option for losing weight? Various supplements are available at drugstores and many options are available online. Some of them are not effective and others may prove dangerous to you. So it is essential that you should choose a right supplement and make sure that it is not a scam.

These scams promise effortless weight loss. It may involve an unusual diet, a revolutionary exercise or products as pills or creams. Some of the scams claim great results without putting effort and doing any extra exercise. Many times celebrities are hired to sell the products. These include persons with good body shape and metabolism that use the product in combination with a strict exercise regime and diet.

These fad diets and supplements give temporary weight loss for a short time and can be hazardous if taken for a long period. If individuals don’t follow any specific diet and workout schedule they regain the lost weight.

What are the Warning signs?

The first key to prevent these scams is spotting them. Below are the three ways to spot weight loss scams:

 – Any product or service that claims to eliminate a specific amount of weight in a week or a month is definitely a scam. There is no evidence of any product that guarantee a precise weight-loss amount.

 – The products that offer weight loss without any exercise are scams.

 – Products that claim to “burn fat” when you sleep or relax are fake, risky or maybe both. Extra fat give extra calories. Although we reduce calories while resting, the only way to speed up that burn is through workout or elements that speed your metabolic function. The U .S. Government has banned the sale of any such substances.

How to protect ourselves from weight loss scams?

– You should remember that no magic pills or safe options are available for quick weight loss.

 – Be careful about medicines, supplements or other similar treatments. Always take an opinion of your provider.

 – Take an independent advice if any offer contains significant money, time or obligation. It is always important to rely on reliable products or brands only. You can check some reviews online about weight loss supplements and see some feedback. Leptitox reviews are one of the best reviews to check out.

 – Go through all the terms and conditions of an offer carefully. Claims of free or cheap offers may include hidden costs.

Before you order a product make sure that it is safe. Slimming products are taken as a food supplements they are not a medicine. They don’t go through the quality checks. For all these reasons chose your supplement wisely by following the three tips given below:

  1. All the ingredients should be certified and regulated.
  1. Make sure that the health claims are supported by the clinical studies.
  1. The product should have the full money back guarantee.


 Some weight loss supplements regulate the blood sugar levels to restrict cravings and provide a sense of fullness to escape from over eating. You should first inquire about the product by seeking the advice of your physician to know if the supplement is right or not.

Ingredients Quality

 The effectiveness of the supplements is based on the good quality ingredients in it. All natural and pure Ingredients are recommended by the medical professionals. It is essential that the product you use should contain quality ingredients that have no side effects.

Product Safety

 Safe and effective weight loss supplements should include:

 – A plan that is helpful to keep the weight under control and to develop healthy eating habits.

 – Guidelines to develop healthy eating and doing regular exercise.

 – Ongoing feedback, checking, and support

 – It should promote slow and steady weight-loss goal line—½ to 2 pounds per week.

Speed of result

 Some supplements give instant results and most of them takes time. It depends on the quality of the product. Often less expensive products are far better than the costly products.


 The expensive products are not always good to give the satisfied results to its consumers. Some weight loss products that come in cheaper rates are better and work great.


 Lose weight slowly. This approach is realistic and gives dieters the chance to gradually settle their new lifestyle and weight. Engage yourself in positive talk as being negative or feeling guilty is counterproductive according to Dix.