Vines New Tool Kit – What is the importance of thekit!!

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Since the launch of the Insta-video feature on its rival social platform Instagram, Vine has received a lot of stick with regards to its own editing features.

However, the popular six-second video creator has launched two new features for the app. Vines new tool kit has now become even more advanced, giving users a taste of the movie director’s greatest power: the ability to control time.

Vines come back has greatly improved the app. The two new tools that arrived to Vine last week are called Sessions and Time Travel – so what are they and how do they improve the already highly popular app?


Sessions is almost like a drafts tool. It allows you to save up to 10 Vines that are in progress which will allow you to return to at a later time. You can know the importance of the kits with the purchase if followers and views. A click at will provide the best results to the business people. The spending of the time and efforts is excellent to have the right services availability. 

This feature is great for aspiring filmmakers who want to work on their video before publishing it, allowing them to access other feeds while working on their creation. The ability to view other feeds could help inspire artists, allowing access other peoples work for inspiration.

Time Travel

With the Time Travel tool, you can also rearrange individual clips within them and delete any if they didn’t make the cut!

The Time Travel tool retains the apps key simplicity however adds a new way of piecing clips together whilst staying within the 6-second time limit.

Why is Vine so successful?

Vine’s new tool kit power is in its simplicity – although it has introduced these new features it is still very easy to use and it is clear that things have not got muddled in the process. Undoubtedly, these updates will only see an increase in users, if you’re new to Vine check this Introduction to Vine post.

The display is still extremely straightforward and easy to manage with a simpler representation that other movie editor apps. Editing is also really simple – you can drag the thumbnails in the order you want them or pull them to the top of the screen to put them in the trash. That really is it!

Vine have stayed away from the using the intimidating word “editing” and used Time Travel as a way of being unique and fun! The new feature allows users to be creative and experiment with their videos and have control over the content they produce.

Users have been pining for the ability to edit their 6 second videos and it could be said that it was definitely worth the wait. Vines tap – to – record interface is so easy that it has transformed video recording leaving plenty of room to think outside of the box. The new editing feature only leaves more room for creatively allowing the app to grow.

The 6 second video is unlikely to expand anytime soon, as it remains a unique feature of the app which corresponds with Twitter’s 140 character limit. However, this doesn’t seem to be an issue as users now have even more control over their clips – even having the ability to bend time at their will.