Top 4 Reasons That Businesses Should Use Social Media

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You may view social media as just something that people do to waste time. Snapchat this, Instagram that: many entrepreneurs are far too busy working on their businesses for such trivial matters. However over the last 5 years, social media has proved itself to be a key player when it comes to online business. A recent study by Media Bistro found that 74% of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions and 81% of customers are influenced by their friends post on social media when making purchasing decisions. This shows just how much our online life is influencing our buying habits. There are a few other reasons why businesses should use social media, here are our top five. If you are not on the Twitter train yet, you may be by the end of this article!

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Why businesses should use social media #1 It is completely free marketing

Let’s go back about 10 or 15 years….Starting a business was a struggle. You may have the best product in the world, however the difficultly was getting people to see it. CEO’s used to run up hefty bills spending on advertising. With social media you now have the opportunity to showcase your business to thousands, if not, millions of people for free! Gone are the days of leafleting, costly newspaper or magazine adverts or breakfast meetings. You can now access potential clients and customers all by the power of social media. At Social Media Helpers, we take the clients business niche and analyse their key industry leaders, competitors and clients to create a full social media strategy. We know how to analyse the web so that your updates are hitting the people that matter? If you are an International fashion brand, we can tap into influencing fashion bloggers. Local air conditioning company in Kent? We can dig out potential clients in that area. Whatever your business, it is easy to market online with a little know how.

Why businesses should use social media #2 It is a good trust signal

Even if you are not the biggest fan of social media, it does not mean that your customers aren’t either. Actually half of the UK’s population are now on Facebook alone, with a quarter of their users being in the 25-36 year old category according to a study by Rose Mcgrory.

Why businesses should use social media #3 Boosts visitors to your website

Even if you do not “sell” anything online, a great social media campaign can direct potential clients to your website and help bump up the number of inquiries. Part of running a service based business is that you need to be at the forefront of a customer’s mind. Social Media is the perfect opportunity to establish your brand and increase the amount of people that know about your services.

Why businesses should use social media #4 Get feedback from your audience

Social media also allows businesses to listen carefully to their audience. Unfortunately if you upset a customer, they might not say it directly yo your customer service channels. In fact, they may just “let off some steam” on Twitter or Facebook. By having a social presence there and engaging in social listening you can improve the digital profile of your brand. Not to mention that their feedback may be the best business advice you will receive in 2015. If you have a problem on your website ie. checkout isn’t working, or it is loading too slowly – customers will normally take to social media to report it. Neglecting social media could mean you lose out on those precious conversions.

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