Tips On Buying Headstones

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Purchasing a tombstone is a significant purchase. People want to select memorials that both honor and endure the passage of time, while still making a saving on their purchase. After all, the headstone is not the only expense of a funeral, so it is acceptable that people might be looking to keep prices low. If you are looking for inexpensive Hauakivid Tallinnas to purchase, be sure to continue reading below as we discuss some tips on buying headstones. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Be mindful of the delivery fee and other things that may add to the price of a headstone

Headstones are normally priced according to their weight; so, the bigger the tombstone, the more costly it will be. Typically, the cost of a tombstone does not include “advanced options” such as engraving or the insertion of personalized elements such as a portrait or image. 

If you purchase a tombstone from a third party or an online retailer, delivery expenses may also be rather costly, since freight is sometimes charged by weight. Buying headstones online might be less expensive or you might find cheaper rates on foreign makers, but the shipping costs might make up for the savings you’ve got. 

  1. Determine if the tombstone is supported by a concrete base 

Cemeteries, like houses, need a solid basis in the form of a concrete foundation. A foundation will assist in stabilizing the tombstone or memorial, which is often built of a hard material like granite. A solid concrete base will make the tombstone stand the test of time by preventing it from shifting when soil changes occur. If you want your headstone to last for decades, if not hundreds of years, guarantee that there is a solid concrete foundation that is sturdy for the headstone.