Things Or Places You Must Know While Visiting Santorini

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On holidays people usually flock to Oia because of its iconic and beautiful blue domes, narrow streets to get lost in, its labyrinth of alleys, beautiful atmosphere, and magical sunsets. Even only the magical sunset draws a large crowd on the Santorini Island.

While visiting Santorini Island, if you plan to stay in the Oia hotel, you will find great spots to enjoy sunset views without any crowd of thousands of other people rushing to a similar spot.

If you are planning to visit a small and beautiful Greek Santorini island, then here is the list of things you must see or do on this amazing island.

Santorini’s beautiful church domes caldera view hotels in Santorini

People love to take beautiful photographs of their engagement, wedding, and honeymoon backdrops of blue dome churches. You will be surprised to know that many blue domes and scattered around the beautiful Santorini Island. Most of the domes are hidden behind little alleyways, so you need to visit these little alleyways if you want to explore them.

Luxury shopping in Oia

Santorini is an island that is known for expensive hotels and luxury boutiques. If you are a jewelry lover, you will find an amazing collection here. On the other hand, if you are visiting this place for the first time, don’t leave it without checking out the souvenir shops and delicious gelatosato on the island.

Santorini boat trips and other activities

A small and beautiful island consists of a variety of activities that keeps the visitors entertained. At this single place, you will find great varieties of beaches such as black sand beach, red sand beach, white sand beach, etc. From donkey rides up and down the beach to rent-able beach lounge to a boat ride, you will find a full package of things in one place.

Don’t waste your time and spend your holidays enjoying caldera view hotels in santorini to gain a different yet fantastic experience in life.