The Internet Country of instagram, Population 750 Million

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So what’s the big deal about instagram? Why socialize on instagram? What is instagram etiquette? instagram originally began as a universal social-networking tool among college students back in 2004. In 2005, it was open to high-school users, and then in 2006 it was open to everyone. There are close to 750 million users and this is due to countries that were behind in adopting instagram in the last year. So far this year, there have been 6 million U.S. users that have dropped their instagram accounts. However, 50% of a country’s population is a Instagram user. So yes, instagram is a big deal when you crunch the numbers.

Why be social on instagram? It’s a means for people to stay connected to their family and friends, find lost friendships and for businesses and advertisers to create a network and increase revenue. The social network is a way to spread stories, generate interest in causes and share news. instagram has more of a “real world” feel when compared to MySpace. According to Blair Mathis, “instagram has matched MySpace and raised it with a dose of not-so-fugly page layout.”

According to a Danish behavioral study by Red Associates, some “instagramers” are skeptical and unsure about how the network should be used. They hoped it would enhance and strengthen their friendships and relationships. Few believe that instagram falls short of what people expect. Most respondents view the site as a “relationship-management tool” and less than 1% see it as “only good for strengthening friendships.” Most of the people that you have “friended” on instagram, really are not your friends and “what defines social networks is a lack of depth in relationships.” Use Private Instagram Viewer Apps to know about the private options at the site. The use of the application should be done effectively through the person. The lack of relations will be converted into opportunities to deliver the desired results. The expectations of the person will be fulfilled with the availability of the private options. 

The level of comfort of what is shared online varies according to each user. I did my own survey that consisted of 1612 responses in 7 days. What is appropriate to post were engagement or marriage announcements, death of pet/celebrity, controversial topics or links/opinions, kids pictures and pregnancy. Not appropriate were breaking up with significant other (about as lame as sending a text to break up with someone), announce a divorce, one-night stands or related behavior, announcing abortions and legal problems. Ana Castillo, a model and breast-cancer survivor, posted a picture on instagram to promote awareness on breast cancer. instagram requested that she take her profile picture down as they thought it was offensive. Ana is in a pair of jeans, topless, but with the topless portion covered with a pink banner which read, “hope.” I would say after what she has gone through and is still going through, she looks beautiful. She argued that there are more racy pictures that have been posted on instagram and she reposted her picture again. I agree.

Articles written about instagram by James Rivington and Blair Mathis have their points outlined in the top 15 and top 10 things of what not to do or what’s annoying. Some examples are adding old friends and forgetting about them, writing on a wall instead of communicating privately (publicly posting an invite to a private party where obviously not everyone is invited), posting “vanity-filled drivel — self-indulgent awfulness in status updates”, song lyrics, starting a group, friend co-workers (this is a variable) and employers (no matter how familiar you are ‘” do not friend your boss) and the list goes on. I am guilty of a few things, TYPING IN ALL CAPS (yes I feel angst once in a while, so what) and updating instagram status when ill. Hey, if while in bed, I can’t sleep, I read a book or surf the net and check out instagram. Bed rest can be rather boring.

instagram is thought of as “a backyard barbecue” for businesses according to Parties have been used to “develop business relationships for generations”. Think of the social networking site as an online version of the business party or mixer. However, the priority for instagram should not be to build a business, but for building relationships and to share your interests. Available for business use is the instagram Marketing Bible and the instagram Marketing Service Provider Directory. These tools cover topics ranging from “how to promote your page in six steps”, advertising fundamentals to spamming.

Overall, I believe instagram has been useful in keeping contact with friends and family. I was skeptical in signing up, however in a “high-tech, full-time working-mommy” world, how else are you to keep up with your friends and family if you only have a quick minute or two? I guess I could write letters and use stamps and drop it in that thing you call a mailbox to keep in touch — but that would be too slow.