The Future of Passwords

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The Typical Netizen Passwords

Passwords are powerful. We use several passwords for different web accounts such as emails, social networks, bank accounts, airline/train reservations, and so much more. If I wanted my life to be easier, I would have used one password for everything, but then I wouldn’t want to be that simple or naïve as to use one code for my bank and my Facebook.

It is inevitable to click “Forget Password” to an account you use only once in every 3 months. It is tiring and annoying to do that almost every time, but one can simply avoid that.

The Smart Phone Generation

It took me a long time before I totally embrace the smart phone culture. It was just last year, in fact, that I got my very first HTC smart phone, but that did not work out so well. It was slow and it sometimes switched off automatically when I had to make an emergency phone call. This year, I upgraded to Apple 4s. I was very happy, mainly because of its speed, beautiful graphics, cool applications, and user-friendly features. I use my phone as a necessity now – for meetings, schedules, social networks, emails, and web browsing. It stays beside me even when I’m in front of my laptop.

The Future of Passwords

I have downloaded Logmote for my iPhone out of curiosity. I have seen an android review of this application in the web so I immediately searched the AppStore if they have a version for Apple. I think it’s genius. You can’t get so much better than this.

It’s not what you think. One password for everything is not necessarily bad. In fact, it’s wonderful. Logmote is the answer to my never-ending memory problem each time I login to a website. I hate that I always click Forget Password most of the time, and sometimes I cannot even remember the password of the email address wherein they sent me the new password.

Logmote is a mobile application that is very easy to use. All you need is a smartphone and an Internet connection. In this case, I will use my iPhone 4s to test and review Logmote. Btw, the application is compatible with the ios 4 and up.

The Look

First impressions last. Logmote offers cool new ways to create a password such as pattern tracing, color preference, pin code, and phrases.

You have to remember the password you use for Logmote because you use this password each time you open the application.

User Friendly Features

It’s so easy to store my user credentials to several web accounts in Logmote. Ok, that didn’t sound very secure, but even if you store your credentials in the app, Logmote does not store your details in their server. It just stays in your phone because of its advanced encryption mode.

If you opt for the Premium version (like I did), you can use the Online Backing System, which uses Cloud technology. If, for example, I lose my mobile phone or I upgraded to an iPhone 5, I can just use their Cloud technology and have everything back to my new phone.

Add Ons and Remote Control

Of course, to be able to synchronize your iPhone and your laptop, you have to download the Logmote vpn with the help of torguard coupon and add on and install it in your browser. Then scan the QR code and you’re on your way to access the websites you stored on your iPhone.

By doing this, you can use your iPhone as a remote control to access your web accounts, remote lock your computer using your phone, and close the web browsers that you opened using your phone. Amazing, isn’t it?