The Enigma Around Hidden Wiki And Onion Sites 

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Wikipedia is a commonly used service by almost every person worldwide, irrespective of age or gender. But did you know about an almost alter-ego of Wikipedia exists on the internet? The hidden wiki is a site available on the internet that anyone can access freely. A key fact is that the hidden wiki onion sites are a world of their own. But why is there an enigma around the existence of hidden wiki?

Hidden wiki and browsers 

With a basic registration, people can edit the site and its pages. The website can be opened using many safe browsers like the Tor browser. There have been several illegal activities like selling drugs found to take place within these sites. The whole shady image the site has can be owed to these activities. But otherwise, it is not a dangerous place. Like anything else on the internet, there are risks involved in this one too. 

First appearance

The existence of hidden wiki came to light first in the year 2007. It was discovered as an onion site on the web. It evolved from there, and in 2011, it resurfaced as a fully equipped website. Post several hacks and changes to the domain, the site still exists. It is believed that the hidden wiki onion site has a vast collection of websites. Users get registered to edit and add services to the links.

Is it illegal?

The plain answer to this question is no. The use of a hidden wiki is not illegal in many countries. But carrying out illegitimate activities using the site is considered illegal. But this is not the reflection of the site’s credibility but a measure of the integrity of the actions. 

Internet is a world with many benefits. But it has its downsides too. The site is not evil. It is what you choose to do with it that matters.