Take The Click Per The Second Challenge And Know How Fast Your Fingers Click.

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A computer is a device that we need for every small thing. Though lots of devices have come, a computer still has its importance. Clicking on your mouse has become a habit, and sometimes we get curious about how fast we are on the mouse and how many times we can click on a second. It is nothing serious, and it is not that important, too but knowing it is fun. The click per second test gives you an idea about how fast your fingers are on the mouse.

How to do the click per the second test?

The website named cpstester.com is the place you have to visit if you are curious about your clicking speed. You can either Google it or enter the webpage directly and start by selecting your time. You can start clicking on a box available in the middle of the page till the timer stops.

How does it work?

  • Enter the webpage
  • Choose your time. It can be from 1 second to 100 seconds
  • Click as fast as you can until the timer stops
  • You will get your result instantly

Four cute animals, a fox, a rabbit, a cow, and a slug tell you about your speed. The fox is the fastest, and the slug is the slowest.

  • If your speed is more than 10 seconds, then you are a fox
  • If it is less than ten, you are a rabbit
  • If it is lesser than eight, you are a cow 
  • If your speed is less than five per second, then you are a slug

Play as much as you can

Improve your speed by playing as much as you can. You can do it on your mobile and your tab by tapping on the screen. So whichever device you use doesn’t matter you have to tap or click as fast as you can.

With the pandemic not getting any positive results, all are working from home, and because the computer is so much important in our lives, getting to know the speed with which you work on the mouse is fun. So start clicking, do it for fun, or do it seriously doesn’t matter; improve your speed as you play.