Serious Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

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Figuring out the questions to ask your boyfriend about his past romantic relationships or what he’s been up to while he’s away from you can be very tricky. What’s the best ask your guy those awkward questions? You’re not sure how to approach these situations and you definitely don’t want to cause any problems in your relationship with him. With the help of, we are here with the best questions that you can ask your boyfriend. 

How can you go about quizzing your boyfriend without sounding jealous or possessive?

The questions to ask your boyfriend depend greatly on his personality type. If he’s the kind of guy who opens up easily and has no difficulty telling you about his life, you’ll find the task pretty straightforward. However, if he doesn’t like sharing much about his past, asking questions might seem like prying and he’ll clam up.

Should You Ask Questions About Your Guy’s Ex-Girlfriends?

When working out serious questions to ask your boyfriend, you really to tread carefully and read his reactions. For instance, if you’re curious about past girlfriends, and you want to ask your boyfriend about them, should you?

Perhaps, if your boyfriend has talked about them before and hasn’t been secretive or evasive, it’s more than likely O.K. If he’s ever acted defensive or appeared unwilling, you might not want to ask anything at all. It could just cause him to think you’ve got a hidden agenda of some sort and maybe you want to put them down somehow.

It’s only natural that most people, when wanting to get to know someone better, ask about past relationships. And boyfriend/girlfriend situations are no different! But, if you go ‘over the top’ and ask repeatedly about his ex-girlfriends, he might start to think that you’re becoming a bit too obsessed or clingy!

He might get that uneasy feeling that your interest in his past love life is a little unhealthy or freaky, so backing off a bit and being less intense with your queries may be good advice to follow.

On the other hand, if you don’t ask your boyfriend serious questions about his past romances he might start to think you don’t like him enough to be jealous! Catch-22, eh?

Quizzing Your Guy About Where He’s Been And What He’s Done.

Are you suspicious about what your boyfriend gets up to when you’re not around?

If you’re continually asking him where he is and what he’s doing every minute, he’s bound to get sick and tired of your constant barrage of questions. And your guy might even begin to believe that you think he’s cheating on you.

When you think about it, asking your boyfriend to account for his whereabouts every minute of the day isn’t normal behavior. Perhaps, deep down, you really don’t trust him! Maybe you should try to figure out why that is and, in the process, you might learn some things about yourself and your relationship with your boyfriend.

However, if your love for him (and vice versa) isn’t an issue, and you simply are interested in what he does when he’s not with you, instead of asking why he was out so late, who he was with or what he was doing, you could pose the questions in a more subtle, roundabout fashion. For example, you could say that you wished he’d been with you, or that he’d been at home because you really wanted to talk to him…You get the idea, ‘cushion’ your questions.

Most importantly, by padding your questions in non-suspicious language and asking them in a non-accusing manner, it won’t seem like you’re nagging him or prying into his private time. (But, in reality, you are!) It just makes it less obvious.

The upshot of all this is that figuring out questions to ask your boyfriend and getting the answers and information you want can sometimes be complicated. Hopefully, the few suggestions made above will make things a little easier. Got any thoughts? How do you handle questioning your boyfriend?