Protein Shake Taught Me About Weight Loss

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You’ve already heard losing weight is a matter of diet and exercise in all these Nutrisystem reviews, and if you’re like me ignored the advice.

Some people cling to the same old foods and exercise hard. assuming the burning calories will more than makeup for eating like crap.

Other people have excuses after excuse as to why time, or an old injury, prevents them from exercise.. so they simply reduce their calories, and skip exercise, to lose weight.

The problem with both these approaches. YOU CAN” T FOOL YOUR BODY

I tried both diet/no exercise and exercise/no diet.. in both cases your body goes into starvation mode and starts Storing Fat!

As soon as your body is deprived of the nutrients (that includes living off of vending machine foods) it needs to produce energy, and fuel your muscles, your body goes into “pre-programmed” starvation mode.. and in order to survive stores everything it can, as fat, for the inevitable famine.. of course, you know the food supply hasn’t dried up.. but you can’t tell your body “don’t worry.. there’s plenty of food, burn these calories”

If we could “think” away fat, believe me, I would have done it.

My first attempt to lose weight was the diet/no exercise route. I ended up being what I call “Skinny Fat”. What I mean by that is I lost weight and a couple of inches around my waist, but it was almost entirely muscle mass. My fat as a percentage of my body weight actually increased… I was losing muscle to shed a few pounds. NOT good.

I started out 6 months ago thinking I could just eat anything, and if I worked out hard enough, I would still lose weight.. doesn’t work that way. I found I didn’t have the energy to work out, was exhausted and wasn’t losing weight.. as a matter of fact, again I was starting to eat away at muscle and storing fat. that’s what happens when your body is starved (scientific studies of famine explain this).

What I discovered… was getting good things in your body, promotes weight loss.

I’m one of those people that skipped breakfast.. yep… heaven forbid I have anything more than, a strong cup of coffee for breakfast.

Given my lack of energy, and stalled out losing weight, I started to look for something to get my weight loss effort moving. Because of the ingredients in Shakeology… lots of protein, antioxidants, etc… I started having Shakeology for breakfast.

Just that one little change made a huge difference. Shakeology is the morning takes your body out of the “fasting” of 8 plus hours since your last meal and gives your body something it can actually use fuel.

eventually, I started eating protein bars, and instead of pretzels and nuts for a snack.. and making sure there was little fat and plenty of protein in my meals, but so much can be accomplished by just making sure you start the day outright.

I made a drastic transformation that was only possible by eating right, and intense exercise following the P90x workout, but I know that is not for everybody.

If you don’t have an hour a day for P90x and still want to lose weight, at the very least give the Shakeology 30 day challenge a try… if it for some reason you don’t think it’s for you, Beachbody will give you your money back.. and they do! I had a “One on One” that I thought was a leg routine, and even opened, Beachbody refunded my money. so if you don’t care for Shakeology, ask for a refund.