Privacy Laws at internet privacy protection

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Most of us do not know the concept of instant messaging internet privacy protection. Did you realize that your conversations on any instant messaging system are automatically recorded directly from your internet service provider? Throughout most of the USA, there are machines called DCS-1000 which are designed to monitor internet activity, emails, web browsing, and of course any online chatting.

It does not stop there, however. In the U.K there is a government agency called the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, also referred to as RIP, the fitting name isn’t it? This agency is permitted to any and all online communication of its British residents.

Sadly, this law is also starting to take place in many other countries and the freedom of the internet is slowly being taken away. So what exactly does the government have their watchful eyes on? Governments that practice these laws have the ability and power to view everything and anything you do online. All of the websites you visit are stored and recorded both on your computer (cookies, internet history) as well as on these computers maintained by your Internet service provider.

Everything you say and does has a track record and without even knowing it, everything you’ve done has been recorded and it’s completely legal. How do you avoid being recorded and tracked? There are a bunch of Instant Messaging programs and laptop privacy filter that proclaim to allow anonymity and safety from unwanted recording or viewers. Unfortunately, though, there will always be one source that has complete access to what you do and say no matter which programs or firewalls you use, and that is your internet service provider.

Defending yourself against these intruders can be done fairly simply though. There are many free IM programs you can choose and browse from, and I strongly suggest a strong anti-virus and firewall such as McAfee or Norton. Your first line of defense is keeping your computer clean and safe from infection. Any form of intrusion into your computer; whether it be a virus or hacker makes it that much easier for them to enter next time.

Many hackers or viruses are designed to leave a backdoor on your system in which the creator grants him/herself easier and faster access the next time they try to intrude on your computer. The ultimate solution to protecting your privacy online is to build a defense at every possible entry-level. Once you have this defense set up, you will be almost impenetrable to attacks and suspicious intrusions.

Staying away from suspicious websites, suspicious files for download, and anything that could potentially harm your computer is essential. If instant messaging internet privacy protection is one of your primary concerns, you should now be fully capable of protecting yourself from unwanted eyes.