Plan a ski vacation in Breckenridge– From hiring shuttle services to hotel bookings!

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If you are fond of mountains, snow, and heights, then you must have heard about one of the most popular mountain towns in Colorado; Breckenridge. It is a beautiful tourist attraction situated at the best of Tenmile Range. It is popular for its ski trails, but there are numerous other places and activities that you can enjoy.

To enjoy your time in Breckenridge to the fullest, you must know how to plan a ski vacation as it is highly important. You must have proper knowledge of all aspects such as transportation, accommodation, gears, permits, etc. Some of the crucial planning tips for a ski vacation in Breckenridge are listed below.

Have proper clothing 

Breckenridge is a bit different from normal towns as you will face some strong winds, snowstorms, and rain there. So, you must be prepared for everything and carry all the necessary clothing such as windbreakers, socks, fleece, water-resistant jackets, good quality sunglasses, etc.

If you don’t have some of these gears, you need not worry as there are numerous shops and stores in Breckenridge where you can buy them all. You can easily find some premium-quality goggles, helmets, gloves, and other necessary clothing and gears. 

Book a shuttle service 

Although Breckenridge is located at the Tenmile Range base, it is still quite tough to reach there. If you book a cab to go there, it will take a lot of time and cause great discomfort. So, to make your journey safe, quick, and smooth, you must book a private shuttle service from the Denver International Airport.

These shuttles are immensely comfortable, luxurious, and safe. Several companies offered such services from Denver airport to Breckenridge, and you can choose any one of them easily.