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Make Money Online

In case you have never heard of a PTC site; PTC stands for “Paid To Complete”. That means you can be paid to complete offers, surveys, you name it. These sites can get you money in the shortest amount of time that us just like the FKC concept. The FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula review will also improve your understanding of this concept. There are tips on how to maximize earnings on those sites at the bottom of this book. Don’t let things fool you on the Internet. Yes, there are scams out there, however, this is a list of the ones that aren’t.

The first site (my personal favorite) is the one I have made the most at. Its called CashCrate. You are paid to complete offers, take surveys, and they even have a Go Shopping! Option. There are many stores that offer a certain percentage back of what you buy that will credit to your account. Even if you are not a big fan of completing the offers, you can still make money on these sites by shopping online. Email me for pictures of checks (this applies for all of them) They also have one of the best referral systems in the industry. They have a 20/10 referral system. That means you make 20% of your referral’s earnings and 10% of THEIR referral’s earnings! Min. payout is 10 dollars. I usually achieve this by the 2nd or 3rd of each month.

I am most active at CashCrate, however, I do have two other sites I play around with in my free time.

The next PTC site I’d like to tell you about is Treasure Trooper. Treasure Trooper (I’m going to abbreviate it TT) is almost like CashCrate. They have the shopping section, offers, and surveys. Unlike CashCrate, they have a Treasure Hunt. It does take a long time to get, but once you get it you get $100. There’s no limit to how many people can win. Payout is $25 harder than CashCrate but still possible. They only have a 20/5 referral system (explained above)

Sign up Link

My third and final PTC site I’m going to tell you about is called Deal Barbie Pays Fast (Once again I’m going to abbreviate it with DBPF). This site does not have many offers ($200 worth) but they have a low $5 payout limit and they pay PayPal. They have a 15/3/2 referral system. Click the blue links to sign up.

Get Paid to Run Your Computer and Get Phone Calls From Friends!

Recently I heard of a service called Brring! Don’t worry I was skeptical at first too. First, you sign up and Brring! I will create a new phone number for you. Anyone you give the phone number to that calls it (I use it for telemarketers with those PTC sites) will hear an ad about 10 seconds long. After that, they are connected to you and your conversation is never interfered with again. And if you don’t want your friends calling your Brring! (like me) then you can still give them your normal number and they will never even know. Brring! It has many ways to make money without even getting calls. Get .75 every time you profile a friend. My favorite one is the $1.00 new call system. Each time you get a new caller for the first time at that Brring! The number you get paid a dollar. With the $10 payout you can get 10 friends (or telemarketers) to call you and you already reached payout. You can also get $1.00 for each referral. You make that as long as people sign up so you can tell your friends to sign up and never even use it. Sign up Here

Now when you say “Run Your Computer” I’m sure you were liking that idea. Gomez is a company that tests out website loading times for websites all over the world. Many people think its spyware and do not download it, however, I can say I’m 100% sure it’s not spyware but I won’t hold it against you if you choose not to sign up. You get paid depending on the time that the program is used. It runs in the background (A JAVA program so it takes up literally no RAM) and you never even notice its there. I make around 5 bucks a month with it. Nothing special but its free money. They pay 1.00 per referral. TIP: To get activated during that 3 days or so waiting period leave your computer on non-stop and let it run. The longer it’s on the better the chance of you being accepted. Then after that, you can resume normal computer shut-downs and such. The company has been around a long time. Sign up Link

Get Paid to Read Emails

I am not stupid I know there are a LOT of these programs out there, but these ones will make you the most money in the shortest amount of time. They are listed in the order of the highest paying.

InboxDollars is one of the highest paying PTR (Paid to Read) sites out there. Min payout is $30 which turns many people away but is actually really easy to achieve. You get a $5 sign up bonus and $5 for every friend you refer after you have 50 referrals! Before that, you get 10% of their earnings.

DonkeyMails is another site that offers PTR emails. Emails range from .025 (Quarter of a penny) to 2 cents. You will get many from them per day so you will earn a lot. No min payout limit. 5/4/3/2/1 referral system.

SendMoreInfo pays you to click on links or pictures in emails. Instead of making money every time you click on an ad you get a “share” and at the end of the month they take those shares and divide it up between the members with a portion of the earnings they made that month. Its a little extra money but doesn’t pay too much.

The Internet Country of instagram, Population 750 Million

So what’s the big deal about instagram? Why socialize on instagram? What is instagram etiquette? instagram originally began as a universal social-networking tool among college students back in 2004. In 2005, it was open to high-school users, and then in 2006 it was open to everyone. There are close to 750 million users and this is due to countries that were behind in adopting instagram in the last year. So far this year, there have been 6 million U.S. users that have dropped their instagram accounts. However, 50% of a country’s population is a Instagram user. So yes, instagram is a big deal when you crunch the numbers.

Why be social on instagram? It’s a means for people to stay connected to their family and friends, find lost friendships and for businesses and advertisers to create a network and increase revenue. The social network is a way to spread stories, generate interest in causes and share news. instagram has more of a “real world” feel when compared to MySpace. According to Blair Mathis, “instagram has matched MySpace and raised it with a dose of not-so-fugly page layout.”

According to a Danish behavioral study by Red Associates, some “instagramers” are skeptical and unsure about how the network should be used. They hoped it would enhance and strengthen their friendships and relationships. Few believe that instagram falls short of what people expect. Most respondents view the site as a “relationship-management tool” and less than 1% see it as “only good for strengthening friendships.” Most of the people that you have “friended” on instagram, really are not your friends and “what defines social networks is a lack of depth in relationships.” Use Private Instagram Viewer Apps to know about the private options at the site. The use of the application should be done effectively through the person. The lack of relations will be converted into opportunities to deliver the desired results. The expectations of the person will be fulfilled with the availability of the private options. 

The level of comfort of what is shared online varies according to each user. I did my own survey that consisted of 1612 responses in 7 days. What is appropriate to post were engagement or marriage announcements, death of pet/celebrity, controversial topics or links/opinions, kids pictures and pregnancy. Not appropriate were breaking up with significant other (about as lame as sending a text to break up with someone), announce a divorce, one-night stands or related behavior, announcing abortions and legal problems. Ana Castillo, a model and breast-cancer survivor, posted a picture on instagram to promote awareness on breast cancer. instagram requested that she take her profile picture down as they thought it was offensive. Ana is in a pair of jeans, topless, but with the topless portion covered with a pink banner which read, “hope.” I would say after what she has gone through and is still going through, she looks beautiful. She argued that there are more racy pictures that have been posted on instagram and she reposted her picture again. I agree.

Articles written about instagram by James Rivington and Blair Mathis have their points outlined in the top 15 and top 10 things of what not to do or what’s annoying. Some examples are adding old friends and forgetting about them, writing on a wall instead of communicating privately (publicly posting an invite to a private party where obviously not everyone is invited), posting “vanity-filled drivel — self-indulgent awfulness in status updates”, song lyrics, starting a group, friend co-workers (this is a variable) and employers (no matter how familiar you are ‘” do not friend your boss) and the list goes on. I am guilty of a few things, TYPING IN ALL CAPS (yes I feel angst once in a while, so what) and updating instagram status when ill. Hey, if while in bed, I can’t sleep, I read a book or surf the net and check out instagram. Bed rest can be rather boring.

instagram is thought of as “a backyard barbecue” for businesses according to Parties have been used to “develop business relationships for generations”. Think of the social networking site as an online version of the business party or mixer. However, the priority for instagram should not be to build a business, but for building relationships and to share your interests. Available for business use is the instagram Marketing Bible and the instagram Marketing Service Provider Directory. These tools cover topics ranging from “how to promote your page in six steps”, advertising fundamentals to spamming.

Overall, I believe instagram has been useful in keeping contact with friends and family. I was skeptical in signing up, however in a “high-tech, full-time working-mommy” world, how else are you to keep up with your friends and family if you only have a quick minute or two? I guess I could write letters and use stamps and drop it in that thing you call a mailbox to keep in touch — but that would be too slow.

Glow Plug- Essential Tool for Cars with Guaranteed Results

This is going to be something that would make a certain section of the audience happy as it pertains to their topic and nothing can give you more pleasure than to see your favorite piece of information getting shared by experts in the field.

While others might be confused about this particular thing as it is not a commonly used term, they would still gain sufficient knowledge about it so that it would come in use for them in the near future.

These days, it is difficult to find a person who does not own atleast one vehicle as it has become a lifeline for certain people but still, it does give you a sense of self reliance and today we are going to talk about one important device that comes in the category of relevant tools.


Glow Plug is our chosen topic and it has been defined as a device used for heating that helps in starting up diesel engines. There might be more petrol run vehicles in the current scenario but that does not mean that diesel run ones are less important in any manner.

Diesel engines have always been neglected which is why glow plugs too don’t ring a bell to anybody as they are strictly limited to diesel powered vehicles but nevertheless, it is quite a useful product if you look at it in a broader sense.

Regarding RC cars, it is the block engines that need to be taken care of as glow plug depends upon good nitro fuel and it works perfectly during cold weather which is why it is quite preferred among owners compared to OD plugs.

There is nothing like the right glow plug for a particular vehicle as they all have their own significance and work primarily for keeping cars in good shape, which you can read more about in detail at

What Kind of Social Change Do We Want from Social Media?

In last week’s New Yorker, staff writer and author Malcolm Gladwell states in “Small Change” that social media platforms render true social movements obsolete. He asserts that social media creates weak ties that dissolve easily offline, and that inherent in this structure is a lack of hierarchy and relative equality on social media platforms which don’t allow for a leader to emerge.

I liked his premise, but there’s a glaring explanation that begs a revision: There is, in fact, a hierarchy online, and it’s a hierarchy of one: The self. Every user online is a legend in his or her own mind; though certainly some operate in this imaginary realm more than others. And therein lays the seeds for why social media platforms are incongruent with real-life, offline activism on the kind of Civil Rights scale that Gladwell points out: Not everybody can lead but everybody wants to be the star.


Social Network Social Media People Meeting Teamwork Concept

Aggrandizing self-documentation not only kills social movements before they get off the ground, but it also creates weak ties in real-life relationships. Ultimately, the temporary shot of illusory self-esteem provided by daily participation in self-promotion clouds our judgment and leads us to overestimate the value of social media platforms in our lives. Along with the likes, Buy Instagram Views for the promotion and advertisement of the products. There should be no under estimation of the benefits of the social networking sites. Plenty of benefits will be provided to the business person. 

So, What is The Value of Social Media?

Social media’s value depends on whom you ask. Businesses make money from user participation, while users power the system and make it valuable for businesses. Users rarely reap large financial benefits from participating, so what is it that social media platforms provide to everyday users?

For many, social media provides an entertaining escape from daily life. It’s interactive television that’s always on-in the morning, at work, at night. It can also be a looky-loo window through which to peer in on our peers and those from a past long gone. On the surface, it seems like a place the express and share ideas, but in reality, most status updates are used opportunities to narcissistically self-brand, even when containing worthy information, because everyone wants to be a leader of the smartest, funniest, most informed, and most in-the-know and on-and-the-go-for themselves. It seems that in social media platforms all we want is to be entertained and admired.

Social movements, on the other hand, have much loftier goals based on equality, not self-differentiating branding to keep an ego afloat and justify personal lifestyle decisions. Powerful movements are united around a common cause of one for all and require the kind of participation which rises above digital banter and argumentation of only select, exclusive groups who will de-friend at the mere hint of a challenge to ego and authority. True social movements require participatory audiences of many who share the same goals and are willing to shelve their own egos, often times at the risk of ridicule, scorn, and maybe even physical altercations and violence. From what I’ve seen online, mere disagreement in denominational theory alone can keep activism confined within daily comment flame wars.

Because of the inherent nature of self-promotion in social media participation, we’re also experiencing increasing transaction costs; meaning every single profile, whether personal or business, must up the ante with every post to stand out among sea of other profiles. Business people call it “soliciting engagement”; off the business grid it means that we’re all seeking more and more of an enjoyable experience when we use social media. While there’s nothing wrong with seeking short-term value in our activities, we should consider our longer term priorities in what we consider valuable in the context of the kind of world we want to live in. Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices that give us what we want in a few clicks and taps, our value-reward system is shortened to immediacy. If it isn’t immediate, it’s hard to see the value in it.

True social change is hard-won and takes time. It requires the diligent pursuit of multiple long-term goals that current social media platforms just can’t provide, given the way that we use them. It requires a much larger transaction cost than reading feeds and commenting. It requires waiting for rewards for decades, not minutes. It requires real-life self-sacrifice and as Gladwell points out, a hierarchy, with one leader. Most of all, it requires shelving self-promotion as the primary underlying motivator for social discourse online in order to care about something bigger than ourselves that benefits more than just ourselves or select group of our closest friends.

Perhaps the very first social movement to be pursued is the revolution of social media platforms themselves.

Gardening Basics: The Best Time to Buy Annuals

An annual is a plant that goes through its life cycle in one year or less. So each year, you need to plant your annuals anew, as opposed to perennials, which can live for additional years under the right conditions.

How good a time of year it is to buy and grow annuals depends on where that time is relative to their growing season, how able you are to get the better plants available at that time, and whether prices tend to be high or low at that time. Use the following pointers as a guide to when to buy annuals:

  1. Most annuals are best planted in the spring, after the last frost.

You’ll want to research the specific type of plant you’re considering to be sure, but with most annuals, as soon as it starts to get warm in the spring, they should do well. Plant them too early, and a frost could doom them.

Prices probably won’t be great this time of year, since demand will be fairly high. If price is only a minor consideration, go ahead and get them at the beginning of their growing season in the spring. If price matters more to you, consider delaying.

  1. Prices are often highest on Memorial Day weekend.

Either don’t delay at all, or delay until after Memorial Day, because prices tend to get even worse that weekend. It’s a time when many people’s thoughts turn to summer activities like gardening. Even if they’ve been ultra cautious about a late frost, they’re probably confident enough by Memorial Day. Plus it’s a holiday weekend, so they have time to devote to starting or working on their garden. Therefore, merchants know that demand will be higher than ever, so they set their prices accordingly.

  1. Prices often drop right after Memorial Day.

Merchants stock heavily for Memorial Day, and whatever they don’t sell that weekend they want to get rid of fairly quickly, so prices typically drop, sometimes a lot. So consider shopping during the week after Memorial Day. It’s still fairly early in the season, yet the prices will probably be better than any earlier time.

  1. The longer it gets into the season, the more careful you have to be.

Once you get into summer, then midsummer, then late summer, there’s a gradually increasing chance the plants for sale won’t be in quite as good shape, plus you won’t be able to enjoy them as long before the growing season ends. On the other hand, you should be able to find some very good deals the later it gets. So as long as you’re picky and you examine carefully what you’re buying, later in the season can still be a good time to buy annuals.

  1. Get to know your store.

It isn’t just the time of year that you want to consider when deciding when to buy annuals. If you familiarize yourself with the stores in your area that sell plants, you can find out when their shipments arrive, so you’ll know when to be at the store if you want first crack at the fresh arrivals. By getting to know the employees you can also get some other good tips and advice. For instance, there may be plants they’re trying to get rid of after a storm that don’t look so good, but in fact can easily be nursed back to health with a little aspirin water, that they’ll let you have cheap if not free.

  1. Look for annuals just short of full bloom.

All else being equal, you’re best off with annuals that are about to bloom rather than those that are already in full bloom. The latter look more impressive in the store, but you’ll get more out of the former once you transplant them into your garden. Many female experts are offering her blog is full of methods and tips that will help you to understand about the plants. The transplant of the roots of the plants will be excellent in the garden. Proper research can be done to obtain the maximum benefits to the clients. 

7 Tips For Improving Your Experience Of Android Gaming During Covid-19:

The whole world is now fighting with covid-19 and if you are getting bored at this hour then you can simply play different kinds of android games especially poker online.

Seven key tips for improving gaming experience:

  • Controller use: Using a controller can be the perfect way of controlling any android game. The controller should be flexible enough to deal with otherwise you might get deprived from a smooth gaming experience.
  • Wireless headphones: An immersive experience can be gained only if you manage investing over wireless headphones. Cords are quite troublesome at times and thus they need to be replaced by wireless options.
  • Uninterrupted connection: A powerful connection is necessary for boosting up the experience of mobile gaming to a great extent. In this case, Ethernet can be certainly opted.
  • Using discord: It is the discord with the help of which friends can be easily connected with the game you are playing. The game detection feature of discord application is really quite great.
  • Use gaming-mode: The gaming-mode should be turned on for managing notifications, blocking alerts, and for adjusting gaming alerts. RAM will also get boosted up and its performance will get improved.
  • Stand-by power-bank: If a power-bank is there then you can go on playing the game even if the battery gets exhausted. This is how fast charging is being supported allowing multiple charging.
  • Use do-not-disturb mode: Unwanted calls, notifications and other disturbances can be easily avoided by putting do-not-disturb mode on. This mode will help you continuing your game without any kind of interruption.

If you manage following these tricks then you can easily continue your game and can extract a huge enjoyment. Android games can keep you engaged and thus you will remain free from the stress of Covid-19. You should always play the game with a safe mode so that your android remains protected against unwanted attacks.

Weight Loss Tricks You Probably Haven’t Tried

With all the weight loss information out there, it’s sometimes hard to tell fact from fiction. Eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, eat carbs, but only the “good” ones…forget that. While there is no miracle drug or fad diet that will produce lasting results, there are some simple changes you can make in your life. Below I have listed 5 weight loss “tricks” that you probably haven’t tried.

1) Cheat. Your metabolism is your body’s “great equalizer.” It makes adjustments based on your caloric intake. If you eat the same amount of calories every day, your metabolism will adjust itself until your energy intake equals your energy output. That means you will burn only the amount of calories your body expects you to eat, and no more, and you stop losing weight. If you eat too much, your metabolism speeds up to fight weight gain. The key here is to trick your metabolism so that it never really knows how many calories to plan for. You can do that by setting a calorie goal for every day of the week…except one. On your “cheat day” eat whatever you like. You will gain a little weight initially, but it will drop right off as your metabolism adjusts itself to burn those extra calories. By the time it gets back to normal, you’ll be ready for another “cheat day.”

2) Fiber Fill-up. Your body has to work much harder to digest foods that are high in fiber, meaning you burn more calories. For maximum benefit, we need about 25 grams of fiber per day, however, the average American consumes only 5 grams. So be sure to eat your vegetables, leave the skin on your fruits (apples, peaches, etc.), switch to whole grain bread and brown rice, and I bet you’ll drop a few pounds without even trying. This is where protein powders come in. If you wonder does protein powder expire? Then you can follow this link here and learn more about protein powders and how they can help you with your weight loss. 

3) Fool Yourself. You will eat what is put in front of you, a sort of “clean your plate” mentality. Serve yourself on a salad plate instead of a normal size dinner plate and portions will look larger and you will eat less. Also, limit your food choices. Too much variety encourages overeating. Stick with a regularly planned menu and stay away from buffets.

4) Stop Running. The good news: you can burn just as many calories by walking as you can by running. The bad news: it takes twice as long. But there’s no need to kill yourself on the treadmill when you can carve out a little extra time in your day to walk. Walk to lunch. Walk to the post office. Walk anywhere and everywhere. This little “trick” makes exercise virtually effortless. If you’re having trouble finding that walking motivation, get a dog and you’ll most certainly never have to walk alone.

5) Sleep it off. Scientists have discovered a hormone known as leptin, produced by fat cells, that travels through the circulatory system to the brain where is given input regarding energy storage to aid in appetite and metabolic regulation. Leptin is an appetite suppressant and can increase the number of calories burned through its effect on body temperature. During sleep, leptin levels rise but those levels depend on the duration of sleep. To get its maximum benefit, you need to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

This list is meant only as a weight loss aid. In the end, there is no substitute for healthy food choices and regular exercise. By making smart decisions we all can live happier healthier lives

The Effects of Yoga on Mind and Body

As I continue to get older, I keep researching and exploring new and different ways to get healthy and stay healthy. Although yoga has been practiced for centuries, I have not learned to appreciate the benefits until just recently. The years raising kids was when I could have used yoga, was the period in my life when I did not have the time. (Unless, of course, it was at midnight, when I finally was done making cookies for school the next day I just learned I had to provide). Now, I am realizing that I want to stay healthy for my grandchildren. I am discovering that yoga is a good way for me to do that. Moreover, I also tried Yoga burn challenge. What I like about the Yoga Burn Challenge Program is the fact that you get an effective and easy way through which you can lose your fat.

Research and studies have shown that the breathing and stretching exercises done in yoga are very easy to learn and because of that, individuals have shown a remarkable increase in physical energy and mental alertness. Individuals are also reporting they have acquired a more positive attitude.

For those individuals suffering from arthritis, yoga has proven to be very beneficial. Arthritis patients that were prescribed regular exercises often reported to their doctor that they had to quit doing those exercises because they were just too painful. On the other hand, those arthritic patients that were prescribed yoga exercises found it much easier to do. The slow movements and the gentleness of pressure go deep into the joints. Moreover, the easy stretching and deep breathing exercises relieve the tension in the muscles, allowing the joints to tighten. Discover More at the official site to avail the most effective results. The joints of the muscles will be great and deliver the desired results. The breathing of the person will be excellent at the official websites for further information.

I was amazed to discover that yoga exercises were also for weight loss. Here is how it happens. Fat metabolism is increased so your body will convert the extra fat into energy and muscle. That is just the beginning.

The deep breathing exercises of yoga causes the increase of oxygen into your body, thus, resulting in the burning of fat cells. In addition, practicing yoga leads to a decrease in anxiety, which will help get rid of anxious eating habits. Eating a meal in a calmer fashion will also allow us to eat less. Lastly, I have discovered that practicing yoga instead of eating a candy bar is much healthier for my body.

Yoga does reduce tensions, both physically and mentally. However, it is suggested that in order to fully benefit, you need to practice yoga willingly. In other words, you need to be ready and want to do the exercises and postures that will allow you to reap the benefits.

Because the practice of yoga will allow more flexibility for the body, I am finding that I am able to stretch further and last longer playing with the grandchildren before needing to take a break. Yoga is going great for me. I hope you will try it.

Twitch Emoticon- A Set Theory Explained

We all have a funny side inside us that is waiting to burst forth at the opportune moment without any scope of slowing down, which is nice because we, as human beings, are always in a sad or depressed state of mind due to increasing work pressure and the need to do better by striking a balance between our personal and professional lives.

One important factor that would explain this depression is loneliness as it has been seen that most people who are of the shy and introverted type rarely mix up and prefer solitude, thereby allowing themselves to be ‘friend zoned’.

Fortunately, the advent of social media has changed everything as platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is one place where such people can speak their mind and voice their opinion without the need to feel shy and embarrassed.


One such platform that is quite underrated is Twitch, which is a video streaming device similar to YouTube but, sadly, not as well known compared to its erstwhile counterpart.

It is a subsidiary of Amazon and was launched way back in 2011 as a means to tackle Justin TV, which it did and quickly surpassed the latter in terms of popularity, which in turn can be gauged by the fact that it caused immense internet traffic in the mid 2010s.

Viewers can chat amongst each other through Twitch emoticon, which serves as the main interaction source between two or more people and they are similar to the chats on Facebook or Twitter.

The twitch banner size or emotes are mainly 28×28 pixels in web format and 56×56 pixels for others but the images cannot be copyrighted for obvious reasons and they have very strict rules and regulations regarding this policy.

Twitch emotes need to be better known as they came out only a few years after YouTube and became a success in its early stages.

An Introduction to the Landscaping Art of Topiary

Topiary is the art of cutting, trimming and sculpting plants into specific shapes. These shapes can range from simple geometric designs to exceptionally sophisticated forms such as animals or people or words. Topiary traces back to the first century after Christ in Rome, but it is suspected that it was actually Greek slaves who introduced this landscaping art form to the Romans. Topiaries in the Middle Ages were quite common among royal courts. A certain elegance is attached to a topiary, but today you don’t have to be a member of the monarchy to enjoy the results. Some of you may be familiar with topiaries as a result of the presence of a malevolent topiary at the Overlook Hotel in the novel version of “The Shining” by Stephen King. Fortunately, Stanley Kubrick quickly jettisoned this aspect in his film version and transformed the topiary into a maze.

Many different types of trees and shrubs have the potential to be transformed into topiary works of art, but evergreens provide are the most suitable candidates. Some evergreens are better than others, such as yew, boxwood and holly. Look for a tree with durable woody stems and small but dense leaves. You also want to make sure that the tree or shrub you choose is able to withstand heavy pruning.

Trees are one of the best gifts of nature that mankind is privileged to get as they provide oxygen for living beings to breathe but right now the pruning part is important for managing the shrub for lawn edging, which is the beginning process for landscaping.

The most common way to easily shape a plant for use in topiary garden is to manipulate wire into the form or figure you want. Place this wire frame over the plant and start trimming it back to about two to three inches as the plant grows. You will need to continue this trimming process as you find necessary from spring and into the latter part of summer.

The best way to enter into the world of topiary trimming is to start out with simple shapes and master them before heading into more complex forms. Some good shapes to work with at first include columns, circles and spirals. Once you have learned the basics, then you can gain the confidence to move onto animals like sheep, peacocks and rabbits.

The addition of moss to your topiary forms will help keep the tree moist. Gather some sphagnum moss and pack it tightly inside your wire frame. The moist quality that results will improve the ability of the roots to gain a stronger grip beneath the soil.

Strength and health of your topiary trees can be improved by making sure that grass and weeds are not allowed to spread into the area occupied by the topiary. Both grass and weeds provide competition for the nutrients in the soil that your tree needs to grow. An effective method for keeping away these competitive plants is to spread mulch around the plant.