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Dog Grooming Guide: Tail Waggin’ Tips, from Head to Paw

BRUSHING YOUR DOG: One of the most important habits you can get into is to set aside 10 minutes a day to brush your dog. In my work as a dog groomer I’ve had poor little ragamuffin’s come into my shop so dirty and so matted I could hardly tell which end was which. It is very uncomfortable for an animal when his coat is in such poor condition. Imagine how you would feel if your own hair hadn’t been brushed or washed in six months or longer. Pretty icky, right?

It is also very painful to put a dog through a session of tugging and pulling on its hair. I have seen sweet-natured dogs turn into snapping, biting ones while trying to remove stubborn mats. When the hair is matted clear down to the skin the best thing for the animal’s comfort is to have your professional groomer clip the dog’s coat short all over. Then start over again with the hair and a program of regular grooming. So aside from proper dog and cat boarding and training, grooming is also important. Of course, the safety and health of your pets should always be the number one priority more than anything else.

What kind of brush should you use? Personally, I prefer the Universal Slicker brush. It is a heavy-duty wire brush excellent for removing burrs and mats and keeping the coat free of tangles. Pin brushes work well on long-coated breeds whose fur is in good condition. Pin brushes are gentle and won’t split the hair. For smooth-coated breeds such as beagles and Dobermans, a natural boar bristle brush works best. The soft bristles massage the skin gently and remove dead hair during shedding season.

A tip for removing stubborn mats: Use a pair of dull-nosed scissors and cut the mat long ways. When the mat is split in two, it’s easier to brush out.

HOW TO TRIM NAILS: Your dog’s toenails should be clipped with pet nail clippers at least every six weeks. Dogs nails are black or white in color. White toenails are easier to clip than black, of course, because you can see the “quick.” The quick is the pink colored, spongy part of the nail and will bleed if cut into. If you should accidentally cut the nail too short a styptic pencil applied to the area will stop bleeding immediately. Pet stores also carry a medicated powder to stop bleeding.

When trimming black nails take a tiny bit off at at time — being careful not to clip too much. As long as your dog’s nails don’t touch the floor when he’s standing, then the nails are short enough. Be sure and file them smooth with a nail file or emery board. Jagged nails can snag and ruin a pair of slacks or nylons.

Please Note: Dew claws, the “thumb nail” located on the inside of the foot (ankle high), should be checked often. If neglected, this nail will sometimes grow so long it will curl around and grow back into the dog’s foot. This can be very painful and you should consult your veterinarian.

HOW TO CLEAN EARS: It’s important to keep your dog’s ears cleaned to prevent ear infections. In most long-coated breeds the hair will grow in thick and should be thoroughly cleaned out each time the dog is bathed. The hair inside the ear is usually greasy from ear wax so I recommend an antibiotic ear powder (available at your pet store or groomers). The ear powder allows you to get a firm grip on the hair to pull out easily and without pain to your pet.

Dust a small amount of medicated powder in each ear and firmly pull hair out. After all hair is removed then swab thoroughly with a cotton ball dipped in pet ear cleaner. Some breeds such as Bulldogs or Great Danes (most smooth-coated breeds) have little or no hair growing inside ears, but remember to keep ears swabbed with cleaner to prevent wax build-up.

When bathing your dog it’s always a good practice to plug ears with cotton balls. Getting an excessive amount of water inside your dog’s ear canal can be harmful. If your dog should develop tender, sore ears examine the inside of the ear carefully. A large accumulation of ear wax and a strong unpleasant odor indicate a possible ear infection. Consult your veterinarian promptly.

BATHING YOUR DOG: When bathing your dog always use a mild shampoo that is non-irritating to the eyes. Work up a rich lather and scrub dog thoroughly from nose to tail. A soft rubber brush works great for scrubbing your dog squeaky clean. When Fido is ready to come out of his bath, squeeze out excess water and wrap him in a thick towel. Stand the dog on the floor or table and towel dry vigorously. Most dogs love being toweled off ~ they shake water everywhere, rub their heads excitedly in the towel, and snort through their noses!

FOR A SPECIAL TAIL WAGGIN’ TREAT: let the towel get toasty warm in the dryer before wrapping your four-footed friend in it.


  1. Brush dog daily. It only takes 10 minutes or less to keep your dog’s coat free of tangles
  2. Trim nails and file
  3. Clean ears
  4. Bathe dog with a gentle shampoo

The end result: A beautiful, sweet-smelling, happy dog!

Moving: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Moving Companies

No matter when you decide to move, moving is always a challenge. Local movers, as in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are usually much more flexible than larger corporate movers to tailor the move to your specification. Local movers are in unique positions to help you move as they are familiar with your area. They are familiar with the territory. The last thing you need is to have your moving date interrupted by street fairs, parades, or such. Your local mover is familiar with these days and times and can help you steer clear for a smooth move.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania movers can help you move within the area or out of area,down the block or several miles away. Some have storage facilities should you need to pack things away; other companies specialize in moving large items like appliances or perhaps, a grand piano. Many of these companies have trained and certified movers that can assist with disassembling large bed frames, chest-on-chests, or the common dresser and mirror units. Upon reaching your new home, these movers can help reassemble those items and even help with the unpacking, should you so choose.

While Edmonton moving companies are considered the very best at their job, Pennsylvania movers are no less as they are extremely helpful in nature and never make a fuss about anything as their first priority is customer satisfaction, at which they have never failed yet. 

For a free estimate and current pricing, call the numbers listed with the company or go to their website if there is a link provided:

Hassle-Free Moving,

  • 21 ½ West Ferdinand St.
  • Manheim, PA 17545
  • (717) 201-6656

They offer one way moving of home furnishings and free estimates.

Jack Treier Moving  amp; Storage

  • 140 Mable Drive
  • Lancaster, PA 17601
  • (717) 397-2808 or (800) 233-2808

Jack Treier Moving  amp; Storage is associated with United Van Lines. It provides local, long distance and international service.

Let’s Move It

  • 401 East Louther Street
  • Carlisle, PA 17013


  • Lancaster, PA 17603
  • (717) 391-9771

Let’s Move It, Inc. is a moving company that is based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; however, they have local offices. They provide the muscle and manpower for your move. You need to provide your own truck and driver. They charge by the hour for their services. Call for estimates.

Mertz’s Moving

  • 150 Sylvan Retreat Rd
  • Columbia, PA 17512
  • (717) 392-7635

Mertz’s Moving is available for your small to moderate sized moving needs, including room to room moves. Price estimates start at $395.00 for 1200 lbs. This company has been in operation since 1935.

Davcon Relocation Services

  • 14 A S.  amp; 7th St.
  • Akron, PA 17501
  • (717) 859-2338

Davcon Relocation Services is associated with Wheaton World Wide Moving. In 1964, Wheaton earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for interstate moving.

Certainly this is not an exhaustive list of all the movers in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area. However, these are the ones which either returned phone calls, had verifiable addresses, and in many cases websites available for your use. Your home and its valuables are important to you. Make certain you are entrusting them during your move to reliable individuals prior to signing any contract.

Top Internet Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Internet marketing is an absolute necessity in these days of modern technological developments and the world becoming a global village.

But it is important that you use the provisions judiciously and appropriately to boost your business. There are a few tips that will come in handy for optimizing your internet marketing:

  • Research:

It is important to perform research on your competitors as well as on your products so as to understand and analyze market trends.

  • Basic Rights:

Website rights do not only include plagiarism infringement but also bounces the probability of increasing sales and converting new users into customers.

  • Google My Business:

Google My Business Listing is an excellent way to avoid common mistakes like duplicating listings, setting up unnecessary new listings, and business name misuse, and enhance your marketing techniques.

  • Blogging:

Blogging is definitely the most creative way of getting hold of new customers. You can use methods like putting the audience first, using the correct tone of voice, making sure the content is SEO friendly, and showing readers that they can trust you.

  • Professional and Visual Content:

Content visualization is an important factor in determining the sales as about 97% of marketers have accepted that videos helped increase user understanding of the product. About 75% and almost 75% of marketers said videos helped in increasing sales.

Advertisements are extremely important for any business as according to a survey, 80% of consumers have agreed to be convinced to buy products after watching advertisements.

How to Reduce Salt in Your Diet

How do you reduce the salt in your diet? Salt is one of the most important flavourings in food in the world. Salt was considered so special that roman legionnaires received part of their wages in the form of salt, leading to the phrase not worth his salt. It is a simple chemical, Sodium Chloride, and one of the most plentiful on earth. It is vital for life and the functioning of our bodies, we are genetically programmed to like food with a salty taste.

Why would you need to reduce the salt in your diet? Salt is implicated in causing high blood pressure through fluid retention. Some people are more vulnerable to this than others, particularly those of African descent. It is thought to contribute to strokes, calcium deficiency and stomach problems. Too little is dangerous, leading to heart attacks, changes in heart rhythm and muscle spasm. It is almost impossible to get too little salt in our modern society. Salt is used in every processed food you can imagine, including sweet foods.

To reduce the salt in your diet you have to reduce the amount of processed, or prepared, food you eat, and you have to stop using it in cooking or adding it at the table. When you read the nutrition panel on many foods you will be shocked at just how many foods have salt added to them, and just how much is added. Many people find their food tasteless and unappetising when they first remove salt from their diets..

To replace the flavour in your food there are different approaches. Commercial salt substitutes are available. They usually contain potassium chloride and are not suitable for everyone. The extra potassium intake can damage your kidneys, particularly in diabetes or existing renal failure. Certain drugs will also interact with the commercial preparations, increasing potassium to a dangerously high level, which may cause a heart attack. Due to these limitations salt substitutes should only be used in conjunction with your doctors care.

How can you return flavour to your food then? The answer is the use of other herbs and spices. These are available in your market and many can be easily grown in the garden or in small pots in the kitchen. Be careful in the market though, a lot of commercial meat flavourings, such as rubs and chicken flavourings contain a lot of salt. You have to buy the pure spice or herb. Initially, strongly flavoured ones such as chilli and curry are good as the lack of salt will not be as noticeable. After that a wonderful world of subtle and different flavours becomes available.

Try garlic, chilli and ginger in stir-fries. Stir-fries are particularly healthy for heart patients, as they tend to contain little fat and a lot of vegetables. Try basil, garlic and oregano in spaghetti sauces, or in a home made pizza topping. Get more daring and flavour your own curries from the start with the individual spices. This may seem like a lot of work but most meals I have mentioned take well under half an hour to cook, particularly with practice. The commercial sauces you would buy for these meals will all contain salt.

For a healthy version of potatoes try this low fat, high flavour, way of cooking them, instead of chips or roast potatoes. Boil or part boil the potatoes, without salt, drain and cool. (You can even do this the day before and keep them in the fridge.)Put the potatoes in a baking dish and pour over about one tablespoon of olive oil. Add herbs and spices, my favourite is a combination of rosemary and garlic. Now get your hands in and coat the potatoes with the mixture, or give them a really good shake. Don’t worry if they break up a bit, it adds to the crunchiness. Put the dish in a hot oven until they are ready, about an hour depending on oven temperature and how well you want them done.

It is easy to reduce salt in your diet with a little reading of food labels, and a little experimentation with alternative flavourings.

Reduction of salt means keeping your blood pressure under strict control and this should be practiced right from childhood because by early 30s, you would need to switch to BP tablets and sleep supplements to simply control it as by now it will have manifested itself into something too big that you would have to carry with you till your last breath.

Turfing North Shore-Add Some Additional Beauty To Your Lawn

Turfing is the process in which artificial grass is to be installed on the lawn. As we know, it takes lots of months to grow perfect grass on the lawn, which is why turf is there for your help.

You can contact turfing north shore, which can provide you excellent material for turfing. The topmost benefit of this process is that there is no need to wait for growing of the grass.

You can get it done by using online services, which is convenient and easy.

Different kinds of turfs for you

  • Buffalo walter

 It is one of the most durable turfs you can get for your lawn. It can survive any kind of weather, which is a good thing.

  • Wiregrass

The color of this grass will be a little bit different as compared to others. Also, they are so dense, which means they can easily get to installed properly.

  • Kikuyu grass

 This is the one which can be bought at a lower price. These kids of grass can self heal and grow much higher as compared to others.

What are the different aspects of turf you should know about?

  • Installation

The turf needed to be installed as it is the first step which is to be followed in the garden.

  • Landscaping

This process is to be done for taking care of the lawn. Beautifying the lawn is necessary in order to make it look good.

  • Maintenance

After the turf installed, it is needed to be maintained for a better life span. You should not ignore it as it is the most important aspect to be remembered.

Thus these are some of the aspects you should need to consider in mind at the time of installing turf on the lawn.

Top Reasons To Choose A Professional Oral Surgeon

When you know there is no avoiding the dentist, and you start searching for a professional oral surgeon near me, you are on the right track.

Such a severe medical emergency should not be neglected, and a professional should be hired as soon as possible. Although there are a few reasons that you would like to know about why professionals are important:

  • Care

Oral health is as important as physical health. We should make sure we take care of both of them and take preventive measures and precautions whenever needed. For special care of oral health, one might choose to visit a professional oral surgeon to have expert guidance.

  • Guarantee

The suggestions and treatment given by a professional oral surgeon will be any day better than self-medication and can definitely guarantee better oral health. We should let the dentist do what he does best and leave it upon him to judge our oral health.

  • Reviews

Reviews are critical when it comes to hiring or choosing professional oral surgeon because it is based on the previous customers’ experiences that you are going to select your dentist. Someone with amazing history would be able to improve your oral health as well as make sure you lead a healthy and positive life.

Choosing your dentist and taking care of your oral health is your responsibility. We are often unaware of various dental issues going on within, and it is always better to be knowledgeable about one’s body.

Thus, make sure your dentist makes you aware of good oral hygiene while ensuring good oral health.

5 Benefits of Using CBD Oils

The CBD industry is growing at a rapid pace thanks to the benefits and affordability of CBD oils. Which is why there are tons of CBD oil providers out there. If you are looking for the highest quality CBD Oil? then click here to learn more about that. In this article, we are going to look at the top 5 benefits of using CBD oils. 

  • The reason why CBD oils are really popular is the fact that they seen as excellent drugs when it comes to pain relief. With their anti-inflammatory properties, you can get an excellent drug that can be used to get rid of body pain instantly. As tested, the results that you get with the use of CBD oils are really significant making them really effective. 
  • Besides this, CBD oils are also popular because of their anti-seizure properties making them one of the most vital drugs when it comes to medicinal properties. Moreover, in an experiment, it was observed that people that received CBD oil had a seizure drop rate of 38.9 percent which is really significant. 
  • CBD oils are also considered to be really effective with mental health issues. As they are considered to be really effective when it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress. You can use CBD oil in order to treat your anxiety and stress issues after consulting your doctor as well. 
  • Over the last few years, we have seen how CBD oils and the chemicals that are there in these oils are capable of fighting cancer cells. Although there are no official statements about this yet we can expect some solid and concrete results about this really soon.
  • Lastly, people that have sleep issues can also use these oils in order to maintain and change their sleep patterns and to improve the quality of their sleep. CBD oils are really effective when it comes to sleep issues. 

These are the top 5 benefits for using CBD oils that you can avail of. Although, we can expect some drastic improvement with the CBD oils. 

Other Uses for Blue Painters Tape

Blue painter’s tape makes painting go much more smoothly and ensures that you will be left with nice, sharp lines on the edges of your walls and trim. However, there are a lot of other things you can use this tape that you might not have thought of. Moreover, on you will find some of the most useful and practical products when it comes to painting at really affordable prices. That will make it easier for you to paint as well. 

Here are some interesting uses for blue painter’s tape above and beyond just using it as a mask for painting.

Cover Painted Wall Outlets for Safety

Covering outlets to keep tiny fingers out of them is a definite must for safety if you have children in your home. However, if you use regular tape like duct tape to cover outlets that are painted or that have wallpaper on them you can wind up ripping off the paint or wallpaper when you remove the tape.

Blue painter’s tape is the perfect solution since it will still stick well and block the outlet, but is lower tack than duct tape or other types of tape and won’t strip the paint or wallpaper off the outlet. Take a roll with you if you are traveling to cover any outlets in your hotel room as well. Just be sure to remember to take the tape off the next day before you check out.

Label Food in Your Freezer

Leftovers or frozen food can be hard to identify when you pull it out of your freezer. Take the guesswork out of the equation by labeling your food containers with blue painter’s tape before putting them in the freezer. Just tear off a small strip of paint, write the contents on the container on it using a permanent marker or pen, add the date if you want and then put it in the freezer.

The painter’s tape will stick well in the freezer but comes off easily without a fight so you can re-use and re-label containers over and over again.

Seal Food Bags

Do you hate it when your cereal, chips or crackers get stale? No problem. Just fold the top of the bag over a couple of times and seal it closed with a strip of blue painter’s tape. Your food will stay fresh and taste great a lot longer since the tape will keep the air from getting to it.

Make Garage Sale Price Tags

Have you ever bought something at a garage sale and the person used some extremely sticky tape or label to price it? Trying to get the price tag can be a real pain. When you have a garage sale price your items by writing on a little piece of blue painter’s tape. Your customers will be thrilled that they don’t have to struggle with a sticky label when they get the item home.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are probably a million different ways you could use blue painter’s tape from hanging decorations at a party to marking lines on the ground. Anytime you need a low tack tape that won’t leave behind a sticky residue or peel paint it is the perfect answer.

Top Ten Health Foods For The New Decade

In this new decade, eating healthy no longer means choking down plain raw vegetables. In fact today’s favorite fitness foods are spicy, full of interesting textures and more colorful than ever before! By adding a daily portion of these ’10 Healthiest Foods’ to your diet you can cut calories and fat and add flavor and interest to your meals.

Cilantro- Chop a handful of this spicy herb to add to a rice dish, salad, or pasta and reap the benefits of cilantro’s ability to combat viral and bacterial infections, it’s loaded with iron, magnesium and phytonutrients and has been known to aid in digestion and prevent flatulence!

Whole Grain Rice- High in fiber, wild or whole grain rice acts as a broom to sweep particles from your intestines and keep things running smoothly. Unlike hulled white rice, it is lower in carbohydrates but keeps the energy factor and adds bulk, which makes you feel fuller longer and helps you eat less!

Blueberries- Containing twice as many antioxidants as spinach and three times as much as oranges blueberries are cancer and age fighting bullets. The pectin in blueberries also helps lower cholesterol.

Papaya-Papaya is being hailed for its ability to rush food through the digestive system allowing for less absorption of fat and a cleaner intestinal tract. Papaya is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin E, lutein and lycopene. This has been positively attested by Nutshell Nutrition, a helpful website that educates its readers about the proper diet and nutrition. This website also provides some tips on how you can really live a healthy life through the food that you eat.

Garlic- Long heralded for it’s antiseptic effects garlic is now being shown to work as a diuretic, laxative and cough suppressant. Taking a fresh clove of garlic every day can help you guard against many diseases.

Pinto Beans-These inexpensive and often overlooked legumes contain folate, which protects against heart disease and reduces the risk of birth defects. Pinto beans are high in fiber and are delicious in soup, salad, and many Southwest favorites.

Cinnamon-Cinnamon adds oomph to tea, cereal and yogurt, is believed to improve energy, vitality, and circulation. It can be used for flatulence, nausea, diarrhea, and to relieve painful menstrual periods.

Bok Choy-Packed with vitamins but low in calories Bok Choy is a Chinese favorite for far more than egg rolls. Chop some into soup or stir fry and reap the benefits of its rich supply of folic acid, beta carotene and potassium.

Lentils- Lentils are low in calories, fat and cholesterol and high in protein and iron making them a top choice as a diet food. They are also inexpensive, quick to cook and versatile- a well kept secret as a perfect health food.

Ginger-Ginger quells queasiness, wards off migraines and arthritis pain and is very low in calories. Grated into a soup, a cup or tea or onto a salad it adds lots of flavor without adding to your waistline.