Niantic Announcement – Pokémon Go Will Not Run on Various Androids and iOS Versions

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Many people are engaged in playing Pokémon Go on their mobile phones as various versions of Androids and iOS support this game. Not all people are aware of this news, due to which they tend to get a shock so it is must for all the Pokémon lovers to know about this news. Once you get to know about the game and the various updates in the past few months, you can easily deal with various new changes and situations.

Some Lights on Niantic Announcement

Pokémon Go is going to get updated, and most people are not aware of the Niantic announcement that the latest update of the game will not run on some specific devices. You must know about all the various devices to be ready and change the platform that you will opt for playing it. Pokémon will not support the various Android and iOS devices, and they are Android 5, iOS 10, and iOS 11.

Try to be focused on this news to know about various devices and have safe and continuous gameplay of Pokémon. If you believe that you can play this game on iPhones by installing iOS 12, you are wrong. Ensure that you will grab the proper details about this news so that you won’t get into any problematic situation. You can also consider paying attention to this link for better knowledge about this news.

Wrap It Up

After reading the above details, you will get to know about Niantic’s announcement related to the Pokémon Go update. It will allow you to get a proper understanding of the game and help you greatly impact your playing skills. Try to be focused on the various aspects of the game to have a better understanding without facing any problem.

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