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In case you have never heard of a PTC site; PTC stands for “Paid To Complete”. That means you can be paid to complete offers, surveys, you name it. These sites can get you money in the shortest amount of time that us just like the FKC concept. The FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula review will also improve your understanding of this concept. There are tips on how to maximize earnings on those sites at the bottom of this book. Don’t let things fool you on the Internet. Yes, there are scams out there, however, this is a list of the ones that aren’t.

The first site (my personal favorite) is the one I have made the most at. Its called CashCrate. You are paid to complete offers, take surveys, and they even have a Go Shopping! Option. There are many stores that offer a certain percentage back of what you buy that will credit to your account. Even if you are not a big fan of completing the offers, you can still make money on these sites by shopping online. Email me for pictures of checks (this applies for all of them) They also have one of the best referral systems in the industry. They have a 20/10 referral system. That means you make 20% of your referral’s earnings and 10% of THEIR referral’s earnings! Min. payout is 10 dollars. I usually achieve this by the 2nd or 3rd of each month.

I am most active at CashCrate, however, I do have two other sites I play around with in my free time.

The next PTC site I’d like to tell you about is Treasure Trooper. Treasure Trooper (I’m going to abbreviate it TT) is almost like CashCrate. They have the shopping section, offers, and surveys. Unlike CashCrate, they have a Treasure Hunt. It does take a long time to get, but once you get it you get $100. There’s no limit to how many people can win. Payout is $25 harder than CashCrate but still possible. They only have a 20/5 referral system (explained above)

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My third and final PTC site I’m going to tell you about is called Deal Barbie Pays Fast (Once again I’m going to abbreviate it with DBPF). This site does not have many offers ($200 worth) but they have a low $5 payout limit and they pay PayPal. They have a 15/3/2 referral system. Click the blue links to sign up.

Get Paid to Run Your Computer and Get Phone Calls From Friends!

Recently I heard of a service called Brring! Don’t worry I was skeptical at first too. First, you sign up and Brring! I will create a new phone number for you. Anyone you give the phone number to that calls it (I use it for telemarketers with those PTC sites) will hear an ad about 10 seconds long. After that, they are connected to you and your conversation is never interfered with again. And if you don’t want your friends calling your Brring! (like me) then you can still give them your normal number and they will never even know. Brring! It has many ways to make money without even getting calls. Get .75 every time you profile a friend. My favorite one is the $1.00 new call system. Each time you get a new caller for the first time at that Brring! The number you get paid a dollar. With the $10 payout you can get 10 friends (or telemarketers) to call you and you already reached payout. You can also get $1.00 for each referral. You make that as long as people sign up so you can tell your friends to sign up and never even use it. Sign up Here

Now when you say “Run Your Computer” I’m sure you were liking that idea. Gomez is a company that tests out website loading times for websites all over the world. Many people think its spyware and do not download it, however, I can say I’m 100% sure it’s not spyware but I won’t hold it against you if you choose not to sign up. You get paid depending on the time that the program is used. It runs in the background (A JAVA program so it takes up literally no RAM) and you never even notice its there. I make around 5 bucks a month with it. Nothing special but its free money. They pay 1.00 per referral. TIP: To get activated during that 3 days or so waiting period leave your computer on non-stop and let it run. The longer it’s on the better the chance of you being accepted. Then after that, you can resume normal computer shut-downs and such. The company has been around a long time. Sign up Link

Get Paid to Read Emails

I am not stupid I know there are a LOT of these programs out there, but these ones will make you the most money in the shortest amount of time. They are listed in the order of the highest paying.

InboxDollars is one of the highest paying PTR (Paid to Read) sites out there. Min payout is $30 which turns many people away but is actually really easy to achieve. You get a $5 sign up bonus and $5 for every friend you refer after you have 50 referrals! Before that, you get 10% of their earnings.

DonkeyMails is another site that offers PTR emails. Emails range from .025 (Quarter of a penny) to 2 cents. You will get many from them per day so you will earn a lot. No min payout limit. 5/4/3/2/1 referral system.

SendMoreInfo pays you to click on links or pictures in emails. Instead of making money every time you click on an ad you get a “share” and at the end of the month they take those shares and divide it up between the members with a portion of the earnings they made that month. Its a little extra money but doesn’t pay too much.