Knowing the curriculum of medical schools to fight inequities

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A hidden demon

There is no doubt that the profession of the medical field is considered to be highly pious. This is because doctors are given the position of God, and they make miracles happen daily. But along with the noble profession comes some hidden demons. One of those is the inequities caused due to multiple grounds of racism. Such issues have hampered medical healthcare greatly and even lead to the loss of lives at points.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand Medical Education and track its curriculum. Read on to learn more details.

The need of the hour

Such hidden demons are getting prominent in recent times. Some of the highlights under it are as follows:

  • A significant percentage of the black population consider their lives to be of lesser value than others and hesitate to take proper care. This has been reported multiple times, and the issue is slowly getting imbibed into the curriculum to understand the exact points of inequities. 
  • The lives of marginalized communities are also at stake due to indifference and lack of faith in the system. And without any prior experience in Medical Education, it becomes highly tough for doctors to handle such issues.

How would the curriculum help?

With the inclusion of points of inequities in the curriculum, the following benefits would be reaped by the medical community:

  • Getting out of conventional biases and looking at the solutions to fight such inequalities.
  • Learning the differences in cultures amongst the people and working towards mitigating those effectively.
  • Helping in awareness campaigns to resolve the age-old taboo related to diseases. 

All in one, such a change in the curriculum would boost frontline warriors’ ability to fight against the problem in unison.