Knife Wielding- Self Defense Process Made Easy

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Offense is the best defense is a very popular proverb that has been used time and time again where during a verbal debate a person guilty of wrong things that has accusations thrown at him and he is not able to counter them due to the soup so he decides to get offensive and gets back at the accuser with counter accusations.

Well, the times are such that people are willing to resort to murder to get anything that takes their fancy where you can read it in newspapers everyday about a civilian being stabbed to death many times before being robbed or while trying to protect his female friend from molestation.

This brings the topic of self defense where it is very important to first protect yourself and then do the same for loved ones because if you can’t protect yourself from trouble, how can you protect others and so we shall discuss about an important weapon that comes to mind.

Important Points

When there is a talk about the best self defense weapon, it is the gun that immediately comes to mind and knife comes second, which is astonishing because it is the latter that is easily accessible while you need an official license from the government to use the former.

It might be because a knife is seen as a tool for cutting vegetables and good only for the kitchen but that isn’t the case otherwise you wouldn’t find a thief and looters use it to stab others in broad daylight.

An important point of note is that if the edges are sharp, then they can definitely be used as a good weapon of self defense so you can shop now on Amazon and find the best model available that falls within budget because safety comes first in this modern age.