Kicking Arse In Business

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Firstly, let’s start with a confession – I love reality TV. I love the talent, the vulnerability, the dummy spits, the stories. Watching reality TV is my time to switch off and relax. Last night, though, my reality television fix turned out to be an enlightening and educational experience as well!

You see, last night I had an epiphany while watching The Voice. Yep, I watched a singing competition and now the future of my business is changed forever. This is how it went down.

In typical Voice fashion, each of the contestants sang in the hope that their coach would choose them to go straight through to the finals. I’m usually pretty terrible at guessing who might win these types of contests yet as the performances went on it became obvious which singers would go through to the finals and which would not.

Those who achieved their goal were the ones who really put their heart and soul into their performance. They weren’t always the best singers but they were vulnerable on stage, they put themselves out there for the world to see (and to judge them) and they didn’t hold anything back. They were completely themselves and weren’t trying to be someone they’re not.

And that’s when I had my epiphany and you can read about that here as well Because that’s exactly what we all should be doing in business as well. Being vulnerable, putting ourselves out there, taking risks, and sharing our ideas with the world. Sure, not everyone will like us, just like the performers on The Voice, but the people who do like us are the people we want to work with anyway.

Have you been hiding away in your business? Hiding behind your Facebook page or your website or hiding behind the facade of a boring suit and practical shoes? Are you hiding your love of purple? Your quirky jewelry collection? Your silly personality?

What would happen if you really put yourself and your business out into the world?

If you met your customers where they are rather than waiting for them to come to you?

What if you started doing more of the things that will make the biggest impact in your business and stop doing the rest?

What if you put everything you’ve got into making your business a success?

What if you stopped hiding behind excuses?

What difference would all those things make to your business?

Is it time you stopped struggling and started kicking arse in business instead?