Is Keratin Treatment Safe – Know the safety!!

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Keratin has now become the important buzzword in the beauty industry. Keratin is a natural protein that is being used in cosmetics and it helps in repairing skin and hair damages. Keratin products are flooding the market.

Sometimes, keratin hair treatments damage the hair instead of repairing it. There are many products available in the market with keratin as the name, but they do not have keratin included in the list of ingredients. You ought to be careful of such products as they can be dangerous.

How safe is keratin in hair treatments:

The main job of keratin is to repair hair, skin and nails. When this keratin is added to beauty products, it can repair the damage to skin and hair and also ensure protection against damages in future.

Our hair is constituted of 95% of keratin that is usually lost by blow drying, coloring and straightening. These keratin products replace lost proteins and make the hair shining and soft in this way.

Keratin is thus a naturally occurring protein. So its use in skin and hair care is recommended and it is safe. It can be used as a nutritional supplement. The moroccan keratin hair treatment is safe to the scalp and hairs. You can know about the natural ingredients in the hair therapy. The skin color is the best one to offer the benefits to the individuals. The vitamins and proteins in the hair are the excellent one to have a new hairstyle.

Keratin treatment can actually undo the damage caused to the hair by chemicals, heat and also combing. These treatments actually damage the hair by eliminating the natural keratin proteins. A keratin product successfully replaces the lost keratin. It is the ideal solution to hair damage. If your hair product containing keratin can keep it close to the natural state, the damages done to your hair can be reversed.

There is a popular belief that keratin treatments straighten hair. But it is a fallacious notion. On the contrary, keratin hair therapy gives protection to the damaged hair after it has been devastated by the straightening agents.

There are some keratin hair treatments that use formaldehyde which is a harsh chemical. This chemical is bad for health and can also prove to be harsh for your hair despite having additional keratin protein. These chemicals bring about loss and breakage. It is not keratin, but the chemicals that spoil your hair.

Whenever, you buy a keratin product, always check the list of ingredients to make sure that the product has keratin in that list. The ingredient should be real. Avoid hydrolyzed keratin. This has been processed and it is hardly like natural keratin.

Look out for keratin or oxidized keratin that comprise of Replicine Functional keratin protein. This has been extracted from sheep wool and it has made use of patented technology to preserve its natural state. This product is the best now in the market. It resembles natural keratin in your hair closely.

So we see that keratin is safe for the hair only if it is close to the natural state and is devoid of harsh chemicals. Do not hesitate; check the products you buy and then go for them only if keratin features in their list of ingredients and not only in the name.

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