Inexpensive Gift Ideas For The Holiday Grab Bag

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Holiday grab bag gift events are a staple during the Christmas season. With all of the other financial obligations this time of year, feeling that you are required to participate in one of these grab bag gift activities may cause a little bit of stress. It may seem impossible to partake in the event with a budget of only $5, but that simply isn’t so. A simple sawbuck can purchase a very useful and appropriate gift.

Journal and Pen Set

Pouring your innermost thoughts into a pretty journal is a great form of therapy. Despite popular opinion, this practice is not limited to teenage girls. Head to your local discount store and purchase a cloth bound journal book and a packet of ball point or gel pens. Not only will you be offering a great grab bag gift, you may also be exposing the recipient to a form of self expression they may not have been previously familiar with.

Cooking Utensil Bundle

A recent trip to my local dollar discount store showed me the many bargains to be found there for the holiday season. A $5 bill can buy you a nice assortment of spatulas, measuring cups and kitchen towels. Wrap up a nice bundle of quality cooking essentials with a pretty ribbon and include your favorite dessert recipe printed on a colored piece of card stock. The recipient will have no idea that you spent such a small amount on this lovely present.

ELF Makeup Tray

The ELF line of makeup products are not only affordable, they are of quality material as well. Five dollars can get you a nice tray of eye shadows, blushers and bronzers or nail polishes. Think about what would be most appropriate and appreciated among your gift recipients and make your selection accordingly. Wrapping the cosmetic tray in festive wrapping paper will add to the appeal and give the impression that the gift is far more luxurious than the price dictates.

Clearance Movie Disc

With the advent of the newest technology, the DVD is going the way of the VHS. Now is the time to capitalize on the trend and score some great classics for a song. Scour the bins of your local discount store for a great film on DVD and you will surely pay only $5 or less. Wrap it up in colorful holiday paper and rest assured that your grab bag offering will be received positively.

Candy Gift Bag

The holiday season is a great time to purchase sweet treats such as chocolates and hard candies. keuze helper Stores generally mark down their candy gift boxes or bagged candies in anticipation of holiday gift giving. Assemble a pretty gift bag with an assortment of chocolates and peppermints and tie it all off with a pretty ribbon. Be sure your food offerings are wrapped securely or are in their original packaging so that recipients will feel comfortable while indulging. If you are so inclined to baking or candy making, feel free to include some of your homemade treats in the package. This also be a Cadeau meisje 5 jaar. We all know that kids love candies. So why not pack some of the best sweets that you can buy in the market and add some creativity on it so both kids and adults will like it.