How to Teach the Basics of Car Driving to New Drivers

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Everyone knows that learning something new which we are not accustomed to being kind of challenging in the beginning but practicing the same thing day by day can make a person perfect too! If you are just learning and are not in a condition to drive, then you can hire designated driver service in Dubai as well. The driving rules in Dubai are different than here in India and strict as well. Designated driver service in Dubai can be hired for apps easily. 

Now let’s commence with our basic tips of essential lessons for beginners!

  1. The first and essential thing is to familiarize yourself with your car. Understand the function of each part, such as accelerator, brake, and a clutch of a car. 
  2. Help a newbie with adjusting the seat first. Non adjusted seats can be frustrating, so seating oneself comfortably is most important to avoid distractions.
  3. As a beginner, you should know how to turn on signals and indicators once you are on the road. 
  4. There is nothing to hurry about. Rushing to get early can be life-threatening for you and others as well. Start at low speed in low traffic areas first.
  5. Getting familiar with the traffic signals and rules helps you keep a distance from the car in front. Go with the flow of traffic signals and avoid being landing up to pay fines!
  6. Slow down the car by coming back first. Press the clutch plate and slowly brake to bring down the acceleration. It is important to teach how to stop the car or else you might land up bumping your as well as others car too.

Like one cannot learn mathematical problem solving without being acquainted with the rules and equation, one cannot learn driving without above-given tips! There are some other tips as well, which one should know. Teach yourself with these basic tips first to shift to an advanced one later.

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