How to prevent Your smartphone from overheating

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The battery is the life of our phone, without it, we wont be able to fully utilize our phones at all. Hence, it is really important that we take good care of our battery and make sure that it is free from overheating. But how do we take good care of our phone batteries? This article will provide you some tips to prevent smartphones from overheating.

Remove Case

One of the things that smartphones users do not know is that keeping the phone in a cover case can trap the heat emitted out of the device. Hence, removing it can help prevent the phone from overheating. Instead, buy a cover case that has the ability to prevent your phone from overheating like Realme 7 back covers online India.

Do not Overcharge

Another reason that causes phone to overheat is overcharging. Most of smartphone users tend to leave their [phones charging overnight. Surely, this habit can damage the health of your battery and it only affects the entire battery in the long run. It could also heat up your device. So, as much as possible, avoid overcharging.

Put your phone on a hard surface while charging

When charging, it is advisable to put your device on a hard surface. Why? When charging, the heat emitted gets trapped and warms up your phone further.

Log off from Apps

It is also advisable to log off from apps that could drain your battery. Keep in mind that there are lots of software applications that are continuously working even if you are not using it. Not only it can drain your battery but it can also result to overheating.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Lastly, you should also avoid direct sunlight as it may impose heat onb your phone which could not be good for your battery.