How To Detect Mobile Ad Fraud Detection & Prevention?

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The online world is developing at a very fast pace nowadays. People are adopting online advertising and marketing strategies to increase their profits and hold in the market. Due to this, whenever you are using your mobile phones, you must have seen many advertisements. 

Sometimes the ads are real and take you to genuine websites, but sometimes they are spam and only loot money from you. If you are a victim of any such theft, then you must approach is a specially built website to detect the advertisement fraud that you commonly see on your mobiles. 

Steps were taken to detect the fraud

To detect the fraud of mobile advertisement, the website mentioned above takes the following steps. 

  • First of all, the website will detect the different categories of scams committed by hackers and the frequency of the scams.
  • They will then provide some tools to the consumers, which will help their mobile automatically filter out the spam advertisements that can perform some fraud activities. 
  • All you need to do is sign-up on the website and select the tool you want to choose for your mobile protection/. After that, you will see that only the ads will be visible to you, which are real. 

You can also gift the protection to your families to save them from becoming the v9ictim. It will help you save money in two ays. The first one being is that it will save your money in the count from any potential fraud. The other one is that if you buy them for your family, you can also avail some discounts on the website’s tools. 


The website is not just a detector. It also prevents the scam that is about to happen with you. So, it is advised to choose them if you want to save your money.