Gotye Song Somebody I Used to Know Performed on Saturday Night Live

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The first time I heard the Gotye song Somebody I Used To Know on the radio, I was sure that Sting had released a new song, but wondered who the female voice belonged to.

After hearing the song a time or two more I was intrigued enough to do a google search. Somebody I Used To Know has kind of an unusual, kind of exotic flavor to it and Sting has been known to experiment with different sounds.

Lo and behold, I discovered that not only was Somebody I Used To Know not Sting but was a singer called Gotye I had never heard of. The female voice in the song was Kimbra, who was also unfamiliar.

Once you hear this song a few times, it is really hard to get it out of your mind, and I mean that in a good way. Anyone who has ever had a less than an amicable, Hollywood air-kiss breakup of a relationship can relate to this song also. Information about LiveTV is made available to the audience and establishing of the relationship should be strong and durable. For the purchase, the use of the skills and expertise should be done. The involvement of the money and effort is appropriate for the engagement of the audience and visitors. 

In fact, the day I first heard Somebody I Used To Know, I had just seen an old flame from over a decade ago in a local hardware store.

Instead of speaking as she did the first few times we had encountered one another, I just got a death stare this time for some unknown reason. It’s just as well, because I had long since moved on from the little over a year long debacle which turned sour after a couple of months. After the initial high, the relationship then just fermented until it was unbearable due to her manipulative nature, insane jealousy, moodiness and generally ultra high maintenance nature.

The song was perfect, I recall thinking on the way home, for the way I felt at that moment. She was just somebody I used to know.

On April 14, 2012, Gotye, real name Wouter “Wally” De Backer and New Zealand singer Kimbra reunited to perform Somebody I Used to Know on Saturday Night Live.

The duo gave a good performance, recreating the sound of the worldwide smash true to the radio version. Of course, Gotye and Kimbra were unable to recreate the song’s video which would be an impossible task, if you have seen the video of Somebody I Used To Know.

There was even a skit featuring a newspaper reading Gotye trying to relax in his SNL dressing room while being continually interrupted by Andy Samberg and another male cast member as obsessive Gotye fans performing their version of the video.

Hosted by Josh Brolin, the 4/14/12 edition of SNL was one of the better ones I’ve seen this season with an opening spoof of the seemingly never-ending GOP primaries with most of the various Republican candidates for President “represented.”

There was no Ron Paul, but the Keebler Elf-like Congressman was never the front runner. The skit focused on all the different front runners as appointed by the media at various times over the last year.

All in all, it was a good show with a fine performance of Somebody i Used To Know by Gotye and Kimbra.