Get Rid of the Typical Flag Problem (Getting Wrapped around Flagpoles) With These Solutions

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A flag symbolizes various things – be it any kind, small or big, from patriotism to your beliefs. You can add colour and personality to your dull yard just by displaying a flag. And it gives you a sense of pride while you put a banner in your yard. But the biggest problem for the owners who say the flag is that it gets wrapped around the flagpole too often that it doesn’t look good. 

Prevent your flag from getting tangled

Flag owners would do anything to prevent their flags from tangling around the lipumastid. You don’t have to go that far because here are some ways you can avoid the above thing from happening. 

One of the best ways you can prevent the flag from wrapping around the pole is to invest in a spinning flagpole system. The name must say something about itself. The bar comes with ball bearing joints so that the flagpole can spin according to the wind and the flag doesn’t get entangled. 

The best thing is that the rotating poles come in various types like aluminium or wood grain. You can easily find a suitable flagpole that matches your home’s exterior. 

  • Anti-furling kit

The kit works well and is very similar to the spinning flagpole system. The part where the flag is mounted rotates with the wind in this setup. 

Anti-furling kits are specific to specific pole sizes. You might want to check the height and diameter of your flagpole before purchasing. 

  • Rotating collar system

A rotating collar system also proves effective when preventing the flag from wrapping around the lipumastid. The collars in this system are located on the top and bottom of the stationary bands. 

When the wind blows, the flag rotates around the pole, but the flagpole remains still.