Get An Effective Gym Training Plan Prepared By Rauno Rikberg

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Today, many people go to the gym for different purposes to keep themself fit or lose weight, etc. Regardless, several numbers of people are unable to achieve their fitness goals, just because they are not motivated & disciplined enough, doing the exercise that does not work in their case, or do not follow a proper diet plan which goes with their goals. Are you facing the same problem? Then you require an effective Jõusaali treeningkava (gym training plan) tailored according to your requirement as proper planning and preparation are needed to achieve your goal more fastly.

Now, you must be wondering where you get an entire gym training plan for you; for that, you may need advice from someone aware of physical education and knowledge about nutrition to plan your exercise and diet.

In Estonia, you can consider Rauno Rikberg for preparing an effective gym training plan.

Who is Rauno Rikberg?

Rauno Rikberg is a personal trainer who provides fitness services in Estonia. He is passionate about his work and trains himself, and gained knowledge to assist his clients in achieving their fitness goals.

He has physical education and worked as a gym trainer & personal trainer for young footballers and several gym clubs in Estonia.

Why should you choose him for your gym training planning?

  • Experience & knowledge

He has extensive knowledge of physical education and experience in the gym training. He can indeed suggest exercises that fit your set up goals. It helps you avoid overtraining that can harm your body.

  • Tailored gym training plan

He prepared the Jõusaali treeningkava (gym training plan) according to your health condition and routine. In this way, you get the training plan that works the best for you.

  • Proper diet planning

He plans your diet and guides you further on what you should eat to attain your fitness goal. We all know that diets play a vital role in achieving fitness goals, so a correct diet will make you achieve whatever goals you have set up for yourself.


Planning is necessary for achieving any goal in life. The same goes for the fitness goals, you require a proper training plan to achieve your goals more effectively & fastly, if not fastly at least on time.

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