Geocaching: Modern Day Treasure Hunting

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Do you want to play a fun outdoor game that involves modern day treasure hunting? If yes then geocaching is the perfect game for you! It is a fun outdoor game in which you search for caches using Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. These caches could be located anywhere in your area, state, country or even the whole world. You can also join geocaching community and share your experience online.

Geocahing is really easy to play and you can enjoy it with your whole family or friends. Here is how to go about it:

1) The first step is to locate the coordinates and waypoint of a cache. There are several geocaching websites that will give you a list of hidden caches. Or you can search for them by zip codes. Choose a cache and you will get the longitude and latitude and the waypoint that identifies it.

2) Next you must enter the coordinates and waypoint in your GPS unit. Most GPS have an option to enter waypoints. Use the waypoint you got from the geocaching website. A waypoint looks like a code like GC151CT.

3) Now is the time for real action. Using your GPS unit drive as close to the cache as you can. The caches are seldom buried close to roads so park your car in a safe place. If the cache is buried faraway and you have to walk a long distance, mark your car as a waypoint using your GPS so that you can find it easily.

4) Select the “Find Waypoint” option on your GPS and select the waypoint that you got from the website. Your GPS will turn into a compass and the arrow will point towards the buried cache. Using your GPS, walk towards it.

To locate the buried cache you must always follow the arrow. It should always point in the straight direction. As soon as the direction of arrow changes, you must also change your direction so that the arrow points straight ahead.

The GPS unit will also show the distance to the cache. As you get near the distance will become lesser and lesser. When you are near the cache, the arrow will start jumping and you need to change direction several times. This happens because a GPS unit is not exact and cannot pinpoint the exact location.

5) Next you have to find the cache. When you are near the cache, use your intuition and problem solving skills. Look around for pile of sticks or rocks, bunch of leaves, holes in grounds or even hollow of trees to find the booty. Since people are very creative you may not find the cache easily but finding the cache is the fun part. The cache can be inside plastic cans, glass bottles, ammo cans; anything that can hold the contents.

6) Once you locate the cache, open it and see what’s in store for you. Usually there will some gifts and a logbook for you to sign.

One of the rules of geocaching is “if you take something, then you must leave something”. Put the logbook (after you have signed it) and a new gift in the cache and bury it as best as you can so that someone else can find it.

And that’s all there is to it. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game that is sure to give you hours of enjoyment. A site will provide the benefit to the hunters – choose top 5 crossbow scopes for the person. A comparison can be made in the quality of the techniques for the hunting of animals and birds.