Free Web Space and Host Review: Freewebs

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Freewebs gives you make a place of your own on the web, for free.

That “place” can be a free web site, a free blog, a free online photo album, or a free web poll, and at Freewebs they all come with free web hosting and image hosting.

Advantages of Using Freewebs for Free Web Space and Hosting

There are a lot more reasons to like Freewebs than there are to dislike it. It is easy enough for the beginner, can accommodate the intermediate user, and even a more advanced user may find some useful features on this free web service.

Freewebs offers 300+ web site templates in a variety of styles. There are enough different styles and color options to please anyone. This space and hosting service also makes it easy to change the templates, with immediate results. There are lots of best cheap web hosting 2020 services out there to choose from.

Changing and adding content to the pages is also incredibly simple. Using the Site Manager, you can create a new page and name it. Build that page by adding paragraphs to the web site. The paragraphs can can be added at the top of the page, at the bottom of the page, or inserted between existing paragraphs. Paragraphs may also be moved up or down, edited or deleted.

The paragraph architecture makes it incredibly simple to control the placement of content on the free web site site. While other space and hosting services may use “drag and drop” technology, Freewebs gets the job done without it.

There is also incredible versatility in the type of content that can be added to the free web site using Freewebs. It gives you the option of using a Paragraph Editor. The paragraph editor allows the addition of links, photos or images, tables, media including video, audio, a YouTube video, or even Macromedia Flash.

Freewebs also lets you build a site using the raw HTML paragraph editor. Or, add custom HTML.

In addition to HTML, Freewebs lets you add interactivity to your site with their free space and hosting service. Add a shout box, a ratings box, Google search, or games.

The best part is that using the custom HTML you can pretty much add anything you want to your site (see exceptions below).

A rundown of the basic services offered for free on Freewebs:

  1. Space: 40MB
  2. Bandwidth: 500mb per month
  3. Privacy: Password protection available
  4. Design: More than 300 templates to use.
  5. HTML: Not needed, but is completely accessible.
  6. Supports CGI/Perl scripts.

Not Supported:

  1. FrontPage Extension
  3. APS scripts
  4. ColdFusion

Limitations of Freeswebs

The most frustrating aspect of this web space and hosting service is that the actual number of web pages is limited to 20, including the home page. For some people that may be enough.

For more extensive sites, for for any site creator that likes a lot of organization and compartmentalization, 20 may not be quite enough. It will just take some creativity to fit more information into each page.

Final Analysis

Overall, Freewebs is one of the easiest free web space and host sites that also allows a lot of freedom with HTML.

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