Fonts- Versatile Nature of Scriptures to make it Understandable

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It might be interesting for some people to note that the software industry is in its booming phase since the past few years where it has given rise to numerous opportunities for youngsters to try out with trailblazing online courses on Udemy and PowerPoint where you can learn newer techniques for enhancing your knowledge.

There are plenty of topics to be studied in the diverse world of software and computer but today we are going to look at something short and simple, which is no rocket science and can be understood after gaining basic information.

The current generation is quite aware of its surroundings and what they want to do in life, which should come as no surprise as they have the advantage of being born in the era of social media where you can gain knowledge through the use of your fingertips by looking up on your mobile phones.

Proper Usage

Today, the times are such that aspiring writers can start blog writing by creating their own website where they can publish articles of their choice but not many people are aware of the font size to be used.

Here are some font types and the information on how to use them as given below:

  • Slab Serif-It is quite well known among experts as they contain large serifs and hence the name where they move on to evolved format called Clarendon where lengthier paragraphs are used
  • Serif- It is one that comes in an original format and one the most famous fonts that came out around the late 15th century that you can get in different forms like old school and modern day ones

  • Script- They come in cursive writing format which can be of great use for beginners who want to learn the basics of fonts

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