Facebook Pages: How To Get More ‘Likes’

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According to Facebook, they have 150 million people who visit the site on a daily basis. That’s over double the population of Britain. What a huge market! If you’re missing out on it then you should get in on it before your competitors do. People will talk about your business online. The only question is: Is it going to be on your page or away from your eyes? When people talk on your page, you are in control, can see it and can measure customer response to your offers. The information about the anchor should be correct and real to get the right results. The selection of the offers and discounts can be made to have the benefits. The response at the posts needs to be fast and safe. 

Many pages on Facebook are bland and dull. To be honest, I think people start out with good intentions but either get lost in all the information or give up on it because they don’t see immediate returns. Get into the customers mind. What are they doing on Facebook and why would they want to like your page? It’s going to show up to all their friends. Do you have something new to offer? It’s worth starting a promotion just to get those ‘likes´. Remember, a ‘like’ gets sent out for the viewing of all of the persons friends so these pages can go viral overnight if they are set-up well and you’ll have tons of new customers.

So how can you get those ‘likes’? Here are a few ways.

 Exclusive content – The Internet is based on content. Better than that, it is based on good content. People will see excellent content and come back because it’s so rare. They feel they’ve found a treasure that they want to hold on to. Make content that you don’t show through any other channel (Twitter, Website etc) and people will have a motivation to join the page. This has been done successfully by Coca-Cola who set up facial-recognition software only available through Facebook.

You could also give away free goods when your page gets to X amount of likes and run that as a kind of promotion.

Give an experience – Don’t just use the page as an RSS Feed of website posts because people will actively unlike it or hide it from their news feed (which has same results as being un-liked). Offer a uniqueness that they cannot find anywhere else and tell them that this is what they’ll get by liking your page. Use the fact that updates are instant to tell them things that are coming up for your business so they can be the first to break the news to their friends.

 Create a community – Several blogs recently have created what they call a ‘tribe’. This is a group of people who are deeply involved in their business, not because they work for them, just because they like the company for some reason. They go out and tell people of your latest offers free of charge. Generate this through your page by getting customers involved. Don’t see a computer between you and your Facebook connections, simply talk to them as if you were in a room. If you let them decide product names etc then they will respond more warmly. Also, don’t be afraid to create a Facebook Group and connect the two.