Everything To Know About Banks In Andorra

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You have finalized the decision to open a bank account and where to open it as well. However, amidst these piles of discussion about where and when to open the account, you may have completely missed upon enlightening yourself with the steps involved in opening a bank account. If so, this guide will help you with the steps you will need to follow to open a bank account in any of the bancos en andorra so that you do not have to get caught up in a hot mess that usually comes with bank works and paperwork.

The Bank types

Opening an account, whether for personal investment or business investment, is very important, especially when one is to think of the future too. A penny saved now will make billions in the future. Therefore, it is important to know about the bank types in Andorra before you apply for an account.

  • Morabanc
  • Credit AndorrĂ 
  • Andbank
  • Vallbanc
  • Banc Sabadell d’Andorra

These are the five national bancos en andorra that belong to domestic owners. These banks come with a lot of services that are required by an applicant, and one may open an account of whether he is a resident or nonresident. One can also open multi-currency accounts, which is a relatively newly introduced feature.

Things required

  • Your national document that has been issued officially will be required. This may include your national identity card, your voter card, passport, your license, your proof of address, your citizenship card, and your birth certificate.
  • This will be used for the verification of your account and to legalize it as well.

Opening a bank account is very necessary. Hence, these are the most important things to know if you are looking to open a bank account in AndorrĂ .

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