Emergency Alarm Exit Lighting

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Most business sites are required by law and insurance to have emergency and exit lighting. Compliance to industry and building codes are essential to ensuring the safety of patrons and residence if an evacuation procedure is demanded.

While considering and installing emergency and exit lights, it is always a good practice to exceed the minimum safety standards. This means that lighting and exit signs should be found in most, if not all of the entrances. Moreover, accompany these lighting and signs with other emergency signals like emergency egress signs, photo luminescent markings, or tactile signs. Ensure that all these directions are working at their optimal level at all time and also they should not be blocked nor hindered.

Mounting up emergency lights and exit signs require the help of a certified electrician who will ensure it abides by industry standards and regulations. It is essential to carry out detailed planning especially if the intended premise is large. If the premise is occupied at night, there is a need to ensure that all emergency lights and signs are switch on at all time.

Two types of emergency lighting and signs are present in the market currently. One of them is the wall mounting kind, in which the wiring is likely to go pass the walls like most of the illuminations. The other kind being side or ceiling mounting, in which the wiring may go around the roof top. Regardless of which, such lightings often belong to the maintained, non-maintained, or switchable group. For the first and third type, they tend to go hand in hand, whereby most maintained lighting comes with a switchable unit.

These switchable units will turn the emergency lighting and sign off and only comes to live when an emergency is detected. Such lighting is best to install at secluded stairways where there is barely human traffic. The second type is what we commonly seen, lighting that will never be turned off at all time. However, beware that because non-maintained lights are often in use, there is also a need to constant maintenance and that may incur a sufficient amount of cost.

No matter of which type of emergency lighting or exit sign, Serious Electricians has the right expertise to help you install the correct lighting and signs for your premise.

This is why I always look for the best electrical contractors near me that can help me out in this regard because emergency lighting is something that I am a complete novice to handle on my own and there can be no one better than serious electricians to guide me through the installation process because they have been doing it for many years and are proficient enough to do it in their sleep due to which they are completely reliable for the job.