Easy Roofing Maintenance You Can Do Diy

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There’s no doubt that when it comes to concrete tile roof restoration, hiring a roofer is still the best solution. Aside from getting the assurance of work quality, there’s a better guarantee of keeping the structural integrity of the roof for a longer period of time. Of course, you do have to ensure there’s a service warranty. But then again, it doesn’t mean you just have to settle on letting the roofing contractors do the entire job for you. You might end up paying for more than what you’re supposed to. There are various aspects in roofing maintenance that you can perform on your own and by doing so you may save some money in the process, the same money you’re supposed to pay the contractor for maintenance services.

Removal of Debris

First of all, make sure you have easy access to your roof if you decide you’re going to do the maintenance yourself. You don’t want to incur injury or maybe lose a limb because you failed to go on the top roof. As soon as you ensure protection in going up, the first task is to remove any dust that is thriving and looking at top of the structure. Debris with this sense includes tree organizations, leaves, and others. You have to take them off because the extra weight becomes a pressure on the gutters and the shingles. Also, they can be the cause intended for clogging and ice public works during the winter.

General Evaluation

Part of the general evaluation is looking at the attic plus the interior ceiling. In this roof covering maintenance, you are to look for spots that can be indicative of normal water entering the home through the roof. Do not forget that even the slightest leaks should be addressed since they will almost certainly bring about more serious problems in the long run. Soon after checking the attic, you can start working on the top of the roof to find missing, lifted, or ruined shingles. They may well function as the same reason for the water leaks. If ever there are serious shingle damages, it will most likely bring about eventual roof repair. Now, it’s probably practical for you to call in the roofing installers. Also, the shingles also need to be checked to look for the build-up of mold, moss, along with worn spots. As for the flashings, you need to look at loose or may be missing flashings, nails, along with metal roof bolts when you have a metal roof. You can perform the tightening of the products or the replacement of the fingernails or toenails yourself.

Mold Removal

Not a lot of homeowners understand and realize the importance of removing and getting rid of molds and moss in the roof. If you let them build up and thrive, they may aggravate and increase the likelihood of roofing material deterioration. As for DIY maintenance against mold and moss, you can simply use a roof moss remover and cleaner. It comes in liquid or spray form. Make sure though you follow the instructions on the product label. Likewise, a power washer is not ideal because it can remove granules in the shingles that protect the same from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Maintenance on Other Roofing Components

Finally, it’s not just the shingles and flashings that you need to take care of in your roofing maintenance tasks. You also have to conduct gutter inspection as well as a comprehensive examination of the soffits, downspouts, and fascia. Remember to use heavy rubber work gloves to effectively pick up or scoop even large debris from the gutters and downspouts. A soft cleaning brush can then end the job by scrubbing along with brushing away the soil and grime that remain.


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