Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Dungeon Master’s Screen

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Dungeons¬† amp; Dragons is a game that involves lots of books. It has been this way ever since the game debuted a few decades ago. One of the staple items in the large collection of game books is the Dungeon Master’s Screen. Now that the 4th Edition of D D; has been released earlier this year, this brand new DM Screen became available in August 2008.

I think this DM Screen is the best one they’ve made so far. Instead of the old cardboard fold-out thing that always got worn out quickly, this screen is printed on cardstock that is as thick a hardback book cover. The publisher, Wizards of the Coast, also made it in a wide format instead of the standard 8.5 x 11 page. For only $9.95, you get a screen that is better and stronger than any of the ones before it. I’m actually surprised they don’t charge a little more for it. The availability of the information should be adequate with the person to Buy League of Legends Account Level 30. The results of the purchase will be effective for the players at reasonable rates. A manual will be provided to the player to enjoy the benefit of the video game.¬†

There are two reasons for the Dungeon Master to use a screen during gameplay. First, it serves as a barrier between the DM and the player. This keeps players for seeing the DM’s dice rolls, or whatever notes they might have in front of them. Secondly, the screen is full of quick reference charts that are used quite often in the game, so that you don’t have to waste game time looking through books to find the information you need. Either way, this is an incredibly useful game accessory to have.

The charts cover everything from experience points to combat conditions. It will tell you how much damage is done per level, how certain factors affect attack and damage rolls, and more. It covers DC checks for commonly used skills, like when you need to figure out what kind of roll is required to climb something. It also spends almost a full panel on conditions and the way they affect a player, such as what penalties they take for being dazed or blinded. It also covers actions in combat, like move or standard actions, which helps a lot when learning the new 4th Edition system.

In addition to the charts, many of which can be found in the books, this Screen provides page numbers to all the books where these topics are covered in more detail. Sometimes even with the screen in place, a unique situation may arise that will require book consultation. Having those page numbers right there in front of you will cut down on page-flipping time, which is often the number one factor in what drags down D D; game sessions.

The bottom line here is that if you play Dungeons and Dragons, this Dungeon Master’s Screen will help you in more ways than one. At a price of less than ten bucks, it’s worth having.

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