Choosing Cleats, What Should You Look For?

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Before you head out for your first soccer practice of the season, consider what feats of endurance and skill you’re going to be demanding of, well, your feet. You need proper soccer cleats if you’re going to get anywhere in this game. Fortunately, there are several different types of soccer cleats on the market, each pair designed for specific players and comfort levels.

Soccer Cleats Sizes

The first consideration when choosing soccer cleats is the size of your shoe. Selecting the right size for your foot is not always as easy as you might think.


For example, parents of young teenagers often encourage buying large-size shoes with the assumption that their teen will grow into them. It is never a good idea to “up-size” soccer cleats. When playing on the field, it is important to be in control of your feet and to avoid any dangerous factors such as tripping over shoes that are too large. It might cost more to buy more than one pair of shoes as your feet grow, but this is the safest way to play, and it will also improve your overall performance.

Upper Materials

The upper part of soccer cleats can be made from two types of material: leather and synthetic. Leather uppers are generally more comfortable and form fitting, while synthetic uppers usually cost less and can be more durable. The type you choose depends on your personal preference.

Keep in mind that leather uppers on soccer cleats will last longer than their synthetic counterparts, though this might not be a factor if you believe your feet will continue to grow. It is also important to consider the surface on which you will be playing; synthetic uppers will not sustain damage from weather nearly as quickly as leather.

Shoe Lacing

Some soccer cleats come with normal shoe lacing, while others have off-center lacing. The benefit of the latter is increased accuracy through the ball of the foot. This means that players who wear cleats with off-center lacing often exhibit higher precision and better technical skills on the field.

Sole Lining

As you might imagine, and perhaps have experienced, soccer cleats can create sores and blisters on the bottoms of the foot and along the heels. This is caused in large part by the cleats themselves, which create an uneven surface for the foot. Consequently, consider sole linings when choosing soccer cleats. Some shoes are made with extra-thick sole lining that will help cushion the impact of your foot on the cleats, while others have gel padding and other benefits. For increasing information, technical skills will be provided at site. The results will be great to get effective results. The impact on the foot of the players will be great to get the right results. The charged will be under the funds of the players. 

Cleat Placement

Believe it or not, all soccer cleats are manufactured differently. Some have cleats that are positioned close together, while others are farther apart. The size of the cleats and the amount of traction should also play a part in your decision. Talk to your coach about the types of surfaces on which you will be playing and choose soccer cleats that will conform to those requirements. Consider shoes with extra traction for both protection and superior playing ability.

Foot Injuries

Finally, it is important to consider any foot injuries or problems when choosing soccer cleats. For example, if you’ve suffered a broken ankle in the past, you might need a boot with better ankle support to prevent further injury. If you have a high arch, support in that area is needed, and the same goes for chronic blisters.

Choosing the wrong soccer cleats can not only lead to uncomfortable games and practices, but also will slow your performance. Take time to try out several options before you buy, and read plenty of customer reviews so you know what real people are saying about various cleats.

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