Can You Make Money Reviewing Anything On Reviewstream.Com?

      Comments Off on Can You Make Money Reviewing Anything On Reviewstream.Com? is a web site that pays people for submitting reviews of pretty much anything. When I say “anything,” I mean “anything.” Reviewstream’s home page even claims you can submit reviews of your neighbor’s pets. The home page also indicates that the current rate for customer reviews is $2.00 USD. However, before you immediately head over to Reviewstream, let me share with you my experience writing for this company.

Payment Rates

First, understand that pays the $2.00 rate on only a small percentage of reviews. The web site does not provide any criteria for submissions, so it is difficult to know what kind of reviews are deserving of this rate. The restaurant reviews I submitted usually netted a $2.00 payment. So did the reviews of airlines, hotels, and some electronics. However, there appears to be an unwritten rule that such articles must be at least 500 words to receive the $2.00 payment. A review of my iPod Shuffle netted only a “bulk rate” payment, apparently because it was too short.

What is a “bulk rate” payment, you ask? It is the payment you will receive for the vast majority of your reviews. Over ninety percent of my reviews received bulk rate payments of $.40, or 1/5 the regular rate. So toss those thoughts of making $12.00 per hour out the door! This information is not provided on the main page. You have to dig around a little to get it.

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So you will not be paid $2.00 per review for most of your submissions, but can you still submit reviews of anything? After writing for Reviewstream for over six months, it is still hard for me to answer that question. I was paid for some really random submissions, like reviews of children’s books, my dogs, my car, and even fast food restaurants in my neighborhood. I never really understand why Reviewstream paid for these. Who cares about whether I like my dogs or whether my daughter enjoyed one of her several hundred children’s books? I still don’t know the answer to that, or how Reviewstream makes money on these types of reviews, but I was usually paid.

I say I was “usually” paid because some of my reviews were rejected. Reviewstream rejects reviews for mysterious reasons, responding only with a canned e-mail response. A few times I received a message that my review “was not valuable” to Reviewstream. Keep in mind that the web site contains not one shred of advice about what kind of reviews are “valuable.” Also keep in mind that the main page says you can review your neighbor’s dog. If that sort of review is valuable, exactly what kind of review is worthless?

Communicating with Reviewstream

Communications with Reviewstream are non-existent. The company provides no contact information other than a yahoo e-mail address. The company does not provide the names of any of the people who run the web-site. I heard from someone that the company is based in New Zealand. Wherever the company is based, the company’s representatives type in very poor English. This is somewhat ironic, considering the nature of its business.

The welcome section on the top left part of the home page refers to “technics,” whatever those are, and refers to your “neighbors pets” with no apostrophe. Elsewhere on the home page, sentences are not capitalized. E-mail responses from Reviewstream contain poor English as well. Reviewstream also apparently sends representatives out to internet message boards to defend the company. I have read multiple threads containing a response from Reviewstream containing appalling grammar and spelling.

The web site itself is awkward and difficult to navigate. There is no way to communicate with other writers. All of these issues raised red flags in my mind, but I continued with my writing to see if I would actually be paid.

High Pay-Out

The payment requirements are another issue of concern. You have to reach $50.00 in reviews to be paid. So if you are submitting $.40 bulk reviews, you will have to write 125 times just to be paid once. I am happy to report that I was paid, as promised. In fact, I was paid three times. Every time I reached $50.00, I e-mailed Reviewstream (you have to request payment), and I received full payment within 48 hours.

I no longer write for Reviewstream. I found myself just cranking out low quality reviews to get to the next pay-out. I mean, why does a review of my dog need to be well written? I wrote short reviews and it was still a grind. I mean, even if you crank out ten reviews per hour (which is very hard to do), you are still only making $4.00 per hour.

My admittedly low-level content was far superior to ninety percent of submissions on the site. Some of the reviews appeared to have been written by second-graders or by people who just learned English. I kept wondering who paid for this stuff. Also, Reviewstream rejected a large block of my reviews right after I reached my last $50.00 pay-out. The timing of this was very suspicious. It almost seemed as though Reviewstream wanted me to just cash out and then start all over again. After all, if you start over and write thirty or forty reviews and then quit, you wrote that batch for free. Considering the high pay-out, I would anticipate this happens quite often.

I will not recommend Reviewstream to anyone, but I have to admit I was paid every single time I requested payment. You can decide for yourself whether you are interested.