Apply For Obesity Health Insurance – How to do it

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Obesity Health Insurance: The number of people classified as obese in the United States has risen significantly over the last few decades. Falling into the weight range that is classified as obese can significantly reduce an individuals chance of obtaining affordable health insurance. Many insurance companies use an individuals weight as a reason to deny health insurance for obesity, and for those they do grant it to the premiums are usually significantly increased. Who is classified as obese? Most insurance companies ask an applicant to provide their height and weight when they apply for health insurance coverage.

Some even require individuals to undergo a medical examination to confirm the accuracy of the information provided on the application. Although the actual guidelines vary from insurance company to insurance company, most use a patients BMI to determine whether or not they are to be considered obese. The BMI, or Body Mass Index is a measurement calculated using height and weight to determine the amount of “fat” an individual carries. Although many of these people are otherwise very healthy in many cases, they are often still denied a health insurance policy as their obesity is classified as a “pre existing condition”.

For the application of the plan, the procedure is simple and easy for the local Medicare services. You can search for the local Medicare agents near me to have the desired results. Ensure that the information is accurate and relevant for the people to get the coverings over the health. 

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Help the Obese? Although it would of course be better for everyone to maintain a healthy weight and BMI for many it is an ongoing and daily struggle to do so. There are a number of effective medical treatments to help conquer obesity but since for the obese health insurance is so very hard to obtain in the first place such treatments and procedures are just not available to them. To many people this is something that makes very little sense. Obesity certainly can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, so helping people lose the weight would seem to be a reasonable course of action. There are few traditional health insurance plans following this rationale however.

They follow the notion that even if an obese person is currently very healthy they are, as a result of their weight, far more likely to become seriously ill and are therefore a bad insurance risk. How can the Obese Obtain Health Insurance Coverage? There are health insurance policies that will accept the obese or indeed anyone with a pre existing condition of any kind. Guaranteed Acceptance health insurance is one such option. These plans do not require a medical questionnaire or examination of any kind to be completed and are issued to anyone who applies. There are affordable options for “obesity health insurance” amongst these kinds of plans, and by working with a reliable and honest insurance broker overweight people who had begun to consider themselves uninsurable should finally be able to obtain the kind of quality health insurance we are all looking for. We will Accept You: These plans are insured by various A.M. Best rated insurers.