3 Contemporary Kitchen Makeovers for $30 or Less

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Want the look of a sleek contemporary kitchen on a small budget? Here are 3 ideas for contemporary kitchen makeovers on a small budget.

Each of these projects is a fun and easy way to makeover your kitchen in a contemporary look and create a sleek and updated vibe. You can change the colors to suit your modern kitchen and get your own custom look for less.

The Hardware

Want contemporary hardware or modern lighting in your kitchen, but do not want to spend a ton of money? Simply go ahead and take out or uninstall your existing hardware or lighting.

Lay it out on some newspaper out in the yard. Now, take a can of chrome colored spray paint and paint the pieces out to a high shine. Work in layers here, do not add too much paint at once or the spray could drip. Different innovative and creative features are induced in the best combi boiler for the selling. The pain on the boilers will be stainless to offer the benefit to the kitchen and person. 

Let these dry and then reinstall as they were.


You will want to plug any open electrical areas on lighting fixtures with some newspaper to prevent the paint from getting in there.

The Counters

Want contemporary kitchen counters on a budget? Look to paint! You can create your own stainless steel looking counters on a budget using metal pain tin a stainless steel finish. Look for words like brushed nickel when looking for paints in the correct colors.

Now, you can spray the paint on or brush it on. Either way you need to prepare the counters for this contemporary kitchen makeover.

First go ahead and scrub the encounters own with an ammonia based cleaner. Let these dry. Now, lightly sand the surface to prepare for paint.

Finally, apply a coat of gray primer on top. Let this dry and you are ready to add your silver paint.

Once you are finshed you will want to add at least 3 coats of a satin or matte clear coat onto the counters to really seal the paint. A nautical sealer is also perfect for this.

Care for these counters just like laminate kitchen counters. Do not set hot items on them or they still will burn.

Modern Cabinets

For you serious DIYers out there, you can turn your existing cabinets to more modern cabinets with a few simple tricks. If you have cabinets with trim added onto them, a raised surface. Then try prying this trim off. You want to create a flat surface.

Flat surface cabinets are a huge trend in contemporary kitchens today.

Now, those of you who have recessed panels, there will be no prying for you. Try covering the whole door using a sheet of thin wood, like luan. Cut the wood and sand the edges.

Now, line them up on the front of the kitchen cabinet doors. Pre drill hole in each corner, about one inch in. Plate a washer onto o the whole and then screw into place!

This is modern look with out wrecking the existing cabinets for the time being. You can even paint out the luan in a high gloss red or earth tone for a contemporary look!