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How to Dumpster Dive

One of the lost arts of America is knowing how to dumpster dive. There is some good stuff hiding down in that trash that is simply going to go unused if you do not save it. Therefore, it is up to you, good soldier, to save the treasure from its inevitable fate of being trash. In this article, I will discuss how to dumpster dive.

The most important thing to remember is that you must follow all of the local laws. You could get in big trouble if you do not. In a lot of places, people’s trash is considered to be their property. If you get caught doing it, you could be charged with theft. In addition to that, many places have some sorts of laws that prohibit the act of trash scavenging. Be careful not to violate any trespassing laws, too. If all else fails, then you can always call your local police and find out the laws that govern the dumpsters in your area. Lakeland dumpster rental services are very cautious and careful with dumpster divers. They make sure that the rules and policies are being followed and all the relevant factors are considered.

If you are going to be a successful dumpster diver, then you must know that the trash is not nasty. It is not the disgusting stuff you throw out every day. It is valuable. You can do some things to make this process a little more bearable, even if you are a little bit wary of trash cans. Not everything in a trash bin is food or mixed with food. If you look hard enough, you can avoid the nastiness of a trash bin by only going after those things that are not mixed in with the nasty stuff.

Some places are better for dumpster diving than others. Look for those things you might not have thought of. Head out to your neighborhood just before they pick up the trash and look for electronics or some furniture. If you are a homeless person, I am wondering how you got access to this computer. If you need some food, though, head to the dumpsters that are behind the grocery stores. You will not always have to go after half eaten food. Instead, you can count on these places throwing out some extras that could make for a tasty snack. You can hope to find produce and other things that have simply expired past their date.

If you are going to be a serious dumpster diver, then you need the right attire. Get some gloves to keep your hands from the nastiness. Wear long sleeve gear to avoid nasty bacteria and dirt. If you are going to have to go inside the dumpster, then cover your body to the fullest extent. Wear some closed toed shoes in order to keep your feet safe. You probably realize that after going into the trash, your clothes will be no good anymore. Wear something that you do not hold dear to your heart.

Different Types of Bankruptcy You May Not Know About

When people think of bankruptcy, they may not realize there are different types of bankruptcy that can be claimed by an individual. There are in fact four different kinds of individual claims that can be made. Each has its own rules and how it works for the person claiming it. These are Chapter 7, 13, 11, and 12.

Chapter 7 is what most people think of when they think about bankruptcy filing. Or at least it’s what people used to think of before the new laws that went into effect October 17, 2005. When an individual files chapter 7, they are not responsible for the debts that were previously owed. With the new law, individuals must past a means test to see if they qualify. To qualify for Chapter 7 now, the claimer must not have more than $100 per month after paying their monthly expenses, including the debts they are trying to eradicate. Part of your property can also be exempt as assets but the balance of your assets will be sold to repay your debtors for part of what you owe. Some debts are not taken away with a Chapter 7, such as school loans. It costs about $274 to file for Chapter 7.There will be knowledge of the different cases to the san diego bankruptcy lawyer for winning them. A commission of the financial loss recovered can be given to the lawyers. 

Chapter 13 is the next most known bankruptcy type. It is similar to Chapter 7 except your debt does not disappear but must be paid back on a payment plan. With the new law from 2005, this is what the majority of people are now filing under. Also the amount of debt allowed to file for this can not go over a certain amount that is set forth in the Bankruptcy Code. The amount of time can take three to five years to totally repay your debt back with this repayment plan. Again, certain debts such as school loans and long term secured debt, like a car loan, will not be part of your payment plan. So even after paying everything off, you can still owe a lot. It costs about $189 to file for Chapter 13.

Chapter 11 is by far the most expensive form of bankruptcy out there. It is usually reserved for businesses but some individuals can also qualify for Chapter 11. Because of the complexity of the law, an individual should seek legal council before attempting to file for Chapter 11. If you do qualify then you will already have your lawyer to proceed with the bankruptcy. Cost for Chapter 11 is about $1039, which is because of the complexity.

The final bankruptcy type that can be filed, Chapter 12 is for only a certain clientele. People that can file are family farmers or fisherman. Obviously there are not many that have these trades. It is similar to Chapter 13, in that the tradesman repays their debt with a payment plan. People in these kinds of careers need special bankruptcy laws because their income is not guaranteed with nature taking a part in how much they make each year. Chapter 12 filing costs about $239.

Top Video Sharing Services

Video is becoming an increasingly important component of a well-rounded content marketing program. It helps with search, provides a different way to present content beyond the written word and offers you an opportunity to speak directly to your audience. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words still rings true. To that end, here’s a round up of the top video sharing services. Use one or more of them for your efforts.

Youtube – the first and most well known. YouTube allows you to integrate videos into your site very easily – from simple embeds to working with their APIs. You either link to a video or allow commenting and uploading of videos to YouTube through your site. You can also restrict which videos are linked and accessed through your site. YouTube mobile allows creation of videos from your phone and send them straight to YouTube, as well as viewing.

Vimeo is an upscale sharing service built by and for filmmakers and artists. It boasts one of the best interfaces on the web and the highest quality video including HD. When you want to see some of the best video on the web, it’s a great place to explore. It does not allow any commercial uses such as sales demos, real estate walk throughs, product demos, advertising spots, etc. You are also not permitted to upload any videos you did not create yourself or play a key role in creating. You can, however, advertise on video, but it’s not a resource for content marketing. That said, Vimeo is worth a look – particularly for the elegant interface. They get it right.

Viddler is a versatile sharing service that does allow commercial use and provides tools to build your brand. It features a customizable video player allowing you to incorporate you logo as well as RSS and iTunes integration. While YouTube always shows their logo, Viddler lets you brand the player as your own for better integration with your website. You have the ability to engage your community through comments and sharing on social media. They offer four plans depending on your volume, starting at $100/month for 50GB all the way up to $1,500/month for 4 Terabytes monthly.

Revver, like Vimeo, is a sharing service targeting artists. It’s completely free and supported by advertising. Advertisers can place ads that run just before a video plays or in the bottom 20% of a video as well as ads at the end of the video. Viewers can minimize the ads and you have the option to opt out of the Preroll and overlay ads. Advertisers can also sponsor playlists and create branded banners. Revver offers revenue sharing on the clicks for those wanting to participate. They also screen every video before it goes live. Sharing is the core focus of Revver and you’re able to host, email, download and pass along Revver videos on most Social networks. The benefit to content creators is additional pass around. While you can upload unlimited videos, they’ll eventually remove those that are not viewed. was formed to help people easily broadcast web shows and series. Think of it as a personal network. They don’t allow one-off videos intended to go viral, but rather focus on hosting a series that allows you to build a following – and your brand. It’s a great venue for content marketers because you’re able to broadcast useful information to your core audience on a regular basis through This allows you to increase your relevance in search through tagging and building that library of valuable content. It’s not for videos primarily to peddle a product, but then neither is content marketing. They distribute to a variety of networks including YouTube and Vimeo, giving you additional exposure. While the basic service is free, they offer professional accounts for $8.00 / month which allows you more control over distribution, videos up to 4 hours (instead of 1 hour), and priority coding upon upload.

Metacafe is all about entertainment focused on shorter videos. You’ll find movie trailers, tv clips, music videos and sports highlights, but no hard news unless you’ve partnered with them to create custom content integration as CBS has. It’s where Hollywood and independent producers meet the web. It’s purely audience driven – through viewer ratings and reviews. They make money through advertising with Flash overlays and pre and post rolls as well as branded channels, custom content integration, mashups and homepage sponsorships and product placement opportunities. It’s designed less for content marketing and more brand building via advertising. For the visitors and writers, here at the site massive opportunities will be made available. The design of the content marketing should be impressive and beautiful.

Find the service that works best for you effort. Your content strategy will help determine which of these are right for you. Certainly other opportunities and formats will come along and we’ll highlight the ones that matter to content creators and marketers.

Hybrid Car Industry Proving Viable, but Still Finding Its Wheels

Hybrid cars emerged in 2000, in response to growing concerns about the burning of fossil fuels (especially oil/gasoline) and its impact upon the environment; also, these new vehicles promised better gas mileage at a time when gas prices were beginning to inflate (optimists estimate that they’ll be able to provide 20-30 more miles per gallon than standard automobiles, and reduce smog by 90%).

Electric vehicles had, before this time, seemed unpromising because the batteries that powered them had short life spans and this made for limited driving ranges (not to mention the hassles drivers experienced with a constant need to re-charge). The newer technology does not do away with gasoline entirely. “Hybrid” essentially means a mix; any vehicle that combines two or more sources of energy to create its propulsion power can be considered a hybrid. Such technology is not new. Locomotives are a good example of diesel-electric hybrids. Submarines use nuclear-electric or diesel-electric power. Hybrid cars, however, promised to have the greatest positive impact upon the environment because automobiles are much more prevalent than any other form of transportation.

Response was slow at first. 10,000 hybrids were sold the first year they were on the market, and 35,000 were sold in 2002. Some have estimated, judging by current trends, that there will be more than a million gas-electric vehicles on the roads in the United States by late 2007 or early 2008.

But very soon numbers shot up in the 2010s and hybrid cars started becoming popular far and wide and so much so that it became a culture icon for sometime as many people took care to take an automotive locksmith Melbourne in handy as they would always forget to get the keys after driving.

So why the delayed response? Well, any new technology requires both a clot of consumers and of producers in order for it to be marketable. With automobiles, the concern is not only for the cars themselves but also the service stations and trained professionals. All these things have to be in place before hybrid cars can really be convenient around the country. At this time, many (like the Nissan Altima) are only sold in states that follow the California-emissions guidelines. Because they’re expecting slow sales, companies produce limited supplies and thus try and sell them only in areas where they perceive demand.

There have been tax credits offered to people who purchase hybrid vehicles, in an effort to stimulate the technology. Sometimes the incentives have run from $2,000-$3,000; but many people have experienced problems claiming their credit, because the hybrid tax credit is considered lastly if one is eligible for multiple credits.

Due to the hesitance on the part of manufacturers, some dealerships have waiting lists – with required deposits – for those hoping to get their hands on hybrid cars as they come into the lot. Besides supply and demand, another concern is the servicing of these vehicles. Consumers may be rightfully reluctant to purchase a car if the closest technician trained in hybrid systems is 100 miles away.

Hopefully more states will follow California’s lead and embrace this new technology. Hybrid cars promise to decrease oil consumption and global warming emissions, and are, so far, our best possible response to many environmental concerns – until a day comes when we may have modes of transportation that run on fully renewable energy sources.

Some of the hybrid cars now available on the market include the Toyota Prius (the current #1 seller), Honda Insight, Honda Accord, and Nissan Altima. Some models yet to be released are the Honda Subcompact and Honda Accent (both tentatively slated for 2009), Lexus 600h, Mercury Mila, Saturn Aura, Green Line, and Ford Five-Hundred and Ford Fusion.

Geocaching: Modern Day Treasure Hunting

Do you want to play a fun outdoor game that involves modern day treasure hunting? If yes then geocaching is the perfect game for you! It is a fun outdoor game in which you search for caches using Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver. These caches could be located anywhere in your area, state, country or even the whole world. You can also join geocaching community and share your experience online.

Geocahing is really easy to play and you can enjoy it with your whole family or friends. Here is how to go about it:

1) The first step is to locate the coordinates and waypoint of a cache. There are several geocaching websites that will give you a list of hidden caches. Or you can search for them by zip codes. Choose a cache and you will get the longitude and latitude and the waypoint that identifies it.

2) Next you must enter the coordinates and waypoint in your GPS unit. Most GPS have an option to enter waypoints. Use the waypoint you got from the geocaching website. A waypoint looks like a code like GC151CT.

3) Now is the time for real action. Using your GPS unit drive as close to the cache as you can. The caches are seldom buried close to roads so park your car in a safe place. If the cache is buried faraway and you have to walk a long distance, mark your car as a waypoint using your GPS so that you can find it easily.

4) Select the “Find Waypoint” option on your GPS and select the waypoint that you got from the website. Your GPS will turn into a compass and the arrow will point towards the buried cache. Using your GPS, walk towards it.

To locate the buried cache you must always follow the arrow. It should always point in the straight direction. As soon as the direction of arrow changes, you must also change your direction so that the arrow points straight ahead.

The GPS unit will also show the distance to the cache. As you get near the distance will become lesser and lesser. When you are near the cache, the arrow will start jumping and you need to change direction several times. This happens because a GPS unit is not exact and cannot pinpoint the exact location.

5) Next you have to find the cache. When you are near the cache, use your intuition and problem solving skills. Look around for pile of sticks or rocks, bunch of leaves, holes in grounds or even hollow of trees to find the booty. Since people are very creative you may not find the cache easily but finding the cache is the fun part. The cache can be inside plastic cans, glass bottles, ammo cans; anything that can hold the contents.

6) Once you locate the cache, open it and see what’s in store for you. Usually there will some gifts and a logbook for you to sign.

One of the rules of geocaching is “if you take something, then you must leave something”. Put the logbook (after you have signed it) and a new gift in the cache and bury it as best as you can so that someone else can find it.

And that’s all there is to it. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game that is sure to give you hours of enjoyment. A site will provide the benefit to the hunters – choose top 5 crossbow scopes for the person. A comparison can be made in the quality of the techniques for the hunting of animals and birds. 

Alienware Aurora MALX 19″ SLI Powerhouse Laptop Review

I first learned about Alienware computers several years ago when I was searching for a new laptop. I went to a very popular technology website, and they had a huge expose about this new and upcoming computer manufacturer. Since then, all of their computers, either desktop and laptop, have won some type of editor award for their excellence and state-of-the-art technology. Of course, being a computer junkie, I immediately began to research these machines, and everything that I had read about them was utterly and completely true. One thing that definitely stuck out to me was the how expensive they were. These notebooks are not for the faint of heart – er – wallet, however, if you are willing to throw out a grand or so, than you will be extremely satisfied. There was, however, this one particular notebook that caught my attention above all else, and this is the Aurora mALX 19″ SLI Powerhouse. I wasn’t the only person that was intrigued by this laptop, c|net named this laptop, “one of the best…mobile gaming rigs available today!” Even if you aren’t a gamer, you will definitely enjoy this laptop beyond belief.

Some of the various features this computer offers its users is, of course, the look. This glossy-black laptop gives on looks quite a treat. However, the excellence of this notebook is far deeper than the outward appearance. One of the coolest features that as an experienced computer user I find very interesting, is the tech support that this computer comes with. This computer is like an army of, well, aliens living inside of your computer, and when there is a problem they go directly to the scene. With AlienAutopsy system diagnosis you are able to send specific information to the tech support for an astonishingly quick diagnosis and solution. However, the great tech support does not end there, you are also able to use AlienRespaw, which is my favorite option, basically if your computer crashes, burns, rolls down a hill, whatever happens to your laptop, you can actually restore your notebook to its original factory settings. Having gone through many notebook and desktop computer crashes and then having to throw them out, this is a great, super-great, feature.

Another cool feature, that mirror images the iMAC’s, is this notebook comes with a built-in 1.3 mega pixel video camera. So basically, you can start videoconferencing, sending pictures and videos to friends and family right when you open the box. This is great, I once thought that this would save me money, however, when I look at the price tag, it seems that I am spending double the price for a built-in web cam, however, I remembered, I’m not buying my laptop based on using a web cam, so I quickly dropped that thought. But it is something to think about — don’t let the “little” bells-and-whistles win you over, make sure that you NEED all that the operating system is gong to bring you. Because if you spend several grand, and then realize that the only reason you bought the notebook was because of the little built-in camera, than that is one hell of an expensive web cam.

Since this notebook is a whopping 19″, you are given a luxury that very few laptops are given. And that is the use of a FULL keyboard, plus a ten-key number pad. As a writer, this was one of the first things that I relied on when I was buying a laptop. I needed to have a full keyboard, since I make my living on it. Having full use was very important to me, however, it is not important to all people. This is going back to realizing what you actually need…remember the camera? Think!

Now we begin to speak about the technical aspects, if you aren’t very interested in how the machine works, than re-read the above paragraphs for a few minutes, you’ll be entertained then. The operating system this computer gives you is Microsoft┬« Windows┬« XP Professional Edition, included within this operating system includes the 2005 Media Center Edition, as well as the system being Windows┬« Vista Capable. The processor is an AMD Turion 64 Mobile Processor (800MHz FSB, 1MB L2 Cache). And the graphics cards are amazing in this computer, it’s a Dual Graphics Cards 512MB Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GTX SLI ENABLED. Also, this computer has wireless connectivity, with an Internal 802.11b/g Wireless, with optional Bluetooth. Don’t want to be wireless, don’t worry, you don’t have to be, there is also an Integrated Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45, as well as an Integrated 56K V.92 modem RJ-11. In the long run, you won’t need the service of a PC repair technician. This is because this device has durable quality and it has some great features. It can also be considered as one of the best laptops in the market. The technical aspect of this device is certainly great.

This laptop is absolutely amazing, and if you are in the market for a new computer that is absolutely BREATHTAKING, than I highly suggest this one. However, be prepared to throw out some heavy-duty cash, with the starting price being at $4,499, this is NOT a cheap computer. However, if it is right for you, than there is no other computer out on the market that will do.

Dog Grooming Guide: Tail Waggin’ Tips, from Head to Paw

BRUSHING YOUR DOG: One of the most important habits you can get into is to set aside 10 minutes a day to brush your dog. In my work as a dog groomer I’ve had poor little ragamuffin’s come into my shop so dirty and so matted I could hardly tell which end was which. It is very uncomfortable for an animal when his coat is in such poor condition. Imagine how you would feel if your own hair hadn’t been brushed or washed in six months or longer. Pretty icky, right?

It is also very painful to put a dog through a session of tugging and pulling on its hair. I have seen sweet-natured dogs turn into snapping, biting ones while trying to remove stubborn mats. When the hair is matted clear down to the skin the best thing for the animal’s comfort is to have your professional groomer clip the dog’s coat short all over. Then start over again with the hair and a program of regular grooming. So aside from proper dog and cat boarding and training, grooming is also important. Of course, the safety and health of your pets should always be the number one priority more than anything else.

What kind of brush should you use? Personally, I prefer the Universal Slicker brush. It is a heavy-duty wire brush excellent for removing burrs and mats and keeping the coat free of tangles. Pin brushes work well on long-coated breeds whose fur is in good condition. Pin brushes are gentle and won’t split the hair. For smooth-coated breeds such as beagles and Dobermans, a natural boar bristle brush works best. The soft bristles massage the skin gently and remove dead hair during shedding season.

A tip for removing stubborn mats: Use a pair of dull-nosed scissors and cut the mat long ways. When the mat is split in two, it’s easier to brush out.

HOW TO TRIM NAILS: Your dog’s toenails should be clipped with pet nail clippers at least every six weeks. Dogs nails are black or white in color. White toenails are easier to clip than black, of course, because you can see the “quick.” The quick is the pink colored, spongy part of the nail and will bleed if cut into. If you should accidentally cut the nail too short a styptic pencil applied to the area will stop bleeding immediately. Pet stores also carry a medicated powder to stop bleeding.

When trimming black nails take a tiny bit off at at time — being careful not to clip too much. As long as your dog’s nails don’t touch the floor when he’s standing, then the nails are short enough. Be sure and file them smooth with a nail file or emery board. Jagged nails can snag and ruin a pair of slacks or nylons.

Please Note: Dew claws, the “thumb nail” located on the inside of the foot (ankle high), should be checked often. If neglected, this nail will sometimes grow so long it will curl around and grow back into the dog’s foot. This can be very painful and you should consult your veterinarian.

HOW TO CLEAN EARS: It’s important to keep your dog’s ears cleaned to prevent ear infections. In most long-coated breeds the hair will grow in thick and should be thoroughly cleaned out each time the dog is bathed. The hair inside the ear is usually greasy from ear wax so I recommend an antibiotic ear powder (available at your pet store or groomers). The ear powder allows you to get a firm grip on the hair to pull out easily and without pain to your pet.

Dust a small amount of medicated powder in each ear and firmly pull hair out. After all hair is removed then swab thoroughly with a cotton ball dipped in pet ear cleaner. Some breeds such as Bulldogs or Great Danes (most smooth-coated breeds) have little or no hair growing inside ears, but remember to keep ears swabbed with cleaner to prevent wax build-up.

When bathing your dog it’s always a good practice to plug ears with cotton balls. Getting an excessive amount of water inside your dog’s ear canal can be harmful. If your dog should develop tender, sore ears examine the inside of the ear carefully. A large accumulation of ear wax and a strong unpleasant odor indicate a possible ear infection. Consult your veterinarian promptly.

BATHING YOUR DOG: When bathing your dog always use a mild shampoo that is non-irritating to the eyes. Work up a rich lather and scrub dog thoroughly from nose to tail. A soft rubber brush works great for scrubbing your dog squeaky clean. When Fido is ready to come out of his bath, squeeze out excess water and wrap him in a thick towel. Stand the dog on the floor or table and towel dry vigorously. Most dogs love being toweled off ~ they shake water everywhere, rub their heads excitedly in the towel, and snort through their noses!

FOR A SPECIAL TAIL WAGGIN’ TREAT: let the towel get toasty warm in the dryer before wrapping your four-footed friend in it.


  1. Brush dog daily. It only takes 10 minutes or less to keep your dog’s coat free of tangles
  2. Trim nails and file
  3. Clean ears
  4. Bathe dog with a gentle shampoo

The end result: A beautiful, sweet-smelling, happy dog!

Moving: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Moving Companies

No matter when you decide to move, moving is always a challenge. Local movers, as in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are usually much more flexible than larger corporate movers to tailor the move to your specification. Local movers are in unique positions to help you move as they are familiar with your area. They are familiar with the territory. The last thing you need is to have your moving date interrupted by street fairs, parades, or such. Your local mover is familiar with these days and times and can help you steer clear for a smooth move.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania movers can help you move within the area or out of area,down the block or several miles away. Some have storage facilities should you need to pack things away; other companies specialize in moving large items like appliances or perhaps, a grand piano. Many of these companies have trained and certified movers that can assist with disassembling large bed frames, chest-on-chests, or the common dresser and mirror units. Upon reaching your new home, these movers can help reassemble those items and even help with the unpacking, should you so choose.

While Edmonton moving companies are considered the very best at their job, Pennsylvania movers are no less as they are extremely helpful in nature and never make a fuss about anything as their first priority is customer satisfaction, at which they have never failed yet. 

For a free estimate and current pricing, call the numbers listed with the company or go to their website if there is a link provided:

Hassle-Free Moving,

  • 21 ½ West Ferdinand St.
  • Manheim, PA 17545
  • (717) 201-6656

They offer one way moving of home furnishings and free estimates.

Jack Treier Moving  amp; Storage

  • 140 Mable Drive
  • Lancaster, PA 17601
  • (717) 397-2808 or (800) 233-2808

Jack Treier Moving  amp; Storage is associated with United Van Lines. It provides local, long distance and international service.

Let’s Move It

  • 401 East Louther Street
  • Carlisle, PA 17013


  • Lancaster, PA 17603
  • (717) 391-9771

Let’s Move It, Inc. is a moving company that is based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; however, they have local offices. They provide the muscle and manpower for your move. You need to provide your own truck and driver. They charge by the hour for their services. Call for estimates.

Mertz’s Moving

  • 150 Sylvan Retreat Rd
  • Columbia, PA 17512
  • (717) 392-7635

Mertz’s Moving is available for your small to moderate sized moving needs, including room to room moves. Price estimates start at $395.00 for 1200 lbs. This company has been in operation since 1935.

Davcon Relocation Services

  • 14 A S.  amp; 7th St.
  • Akron, PA 17501
  • (717) 859-2338

Davcon Relocation Services is associated with Wheaton World Wide Moving. In 1964, Wheaton earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for interstate moving.

Certainly this is not an exhaustive list of all the movers in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania area. However, these are the ones which either returned phone calls, had verifiable addresses, and in many cases websites available for your use. Your home and its valuables are important to you. Make certain you are entrusting them during your move to reliable individuals prior to signing any contract.

Top Internet Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Internet marketing is an absolute necessity in these days of modern technological developments and the world becoming a global village.

But it is important that you use the provisions judiciously and appropriately to boost your business. There are a few tips that will come in handy for optimizing your internet marketing:

  • Research:

It is important to perform research on your competitors as well as on your products so as to understand and analyze market trends.

  • Basic Rights:

Website rights do not only include plagiarism infringement but also bounces the probability of increasing sales and converting new users into customers.

  • Google My Business:

Google My Business Listing is an excellent way to avoid common mistakes like duplicating listings, setting up unnecessary new listings, and business name misuse, and enhance your marketing techniques.

  • Blogging:

Blogging is definitely the most creative way of getting hold of new customers. You can use methods like putting the audience first, using the correct tone of voice, making sure the content is SEO friendly, and showing readers that they can trust you.

  • Professional and Visual Content:

Content visualization is an important factor in determining the sales as about 97% of marketers have accepted that videos helped increase user understanding of the product. About 75% and almost 75% of marketers said videos helped in increasing sales.

Advertisements are extremely important for any business as according to a survey, 80% of consumers have agreed to be convinced to buy products after watching advertisements.

How to Reduce Salt in Your Diet

How do you reduce the salt in your diet? Salt is one of the most important flavourings in food in the world. Salt was considered so special that roman legionnaires received part of their wages in the form of salt, leading to the phrase not worth his salt. It is a simple chemical, Sodium Chloride, and one of the most plentiful on earth. It is vital for life and the functioning of our bodies, we are genetically programmed to like food with a salty taste.

Why would you need to reduce the salt in your diet? Salt is implicated in causing high blood pressure through fluid retention. Some people are more vulnerable to this than others, particularly those of African descent. It is thought to contribute to strokes, calcium deficiency and stomach problems. Too little is dangerous, leading to heart attacks, changes in heart rhythm and muscle spasm. It is almost impossible to get too little salt in our modern society. Salt is used in every processed food you can imagine, including sweet foods.

To reduce the salt in your diet you have to reduce the amount of processed, or prepared, food you eat, and you have to stop using it in cooking or adding it at the table. When you read the nutrition panel on many foods you will be shocked at just how many foods have salt added to them, and just how much is added. Many people find their food tasteless and unappetising when they first remove salt from their diets..

To replace the flavour in your food there are different approaches. Commercial salt substitutes are available. They usually contain potassium chloride and are not suitable for everyone. The extra potassium intake can damage your kidneys, particularly in diabetes or existing renal failure. Certain drugs will also interact with the commercial preparations, increasing potassium to a dangerously high level, which may cause a heart attack. Due to these limitations salt substitutes should only be used in conjunction with your doctors care.

How can you return flavour to your food then? The answer is the use of other herbs and spices. These are available in your market and many can be easily grown in the garden or in small pots in the kitchen. Be careful in the market though, a lot of commercial meat flavourings, such as rubs and chicken flavourings contain a lot of salt. You have to buy the pure spice or herb. Initially, strongly flavoured ones such as chilli and curry are good as the lack of salt will not be as noticeable. After that a wonderful world of subtle and different flavours becomes available.

Try garlic, chilli and ginger in stir-fries. Stir-fries are particularly healthy for heart patients, as they tend to contain little fat and a lot of vegetables. Try basil, garlic and oregano in spaghetti sauces, or in a home made pizza topping. Get more daring and flavour your own curries from the start with the individual spices. This may seem like a lot of work but most meals I have mentioned take well under half an hour to cook, particularly with practice. The commercial sauces you would buy for these meals will all contain salt.

For a healthy version of potatoes try this low fat, high flavour, way of cooking them, instead of chips or roast potatoes. Boil or part boil the potatoes, without salt, drain and cool. (You can even do this the day before and keep them in the fridge.)Put the potatoes in a baking dish and pour over about one tablespoon of olive oil. Add herbs and spices, my favourite is a combination of rosemary and garlic. Now get your hands in and coat the potatoes with the mixture, or give them a really good shake. Don’t worry if they break up a bit, it adds to the crunchiness. Put the dish in a hot oven until they are ready, about an hour depending on oven temperature and how well you want them done.

It is easy to reduce salt in your diet with a little reading of food labels, and a little experimentation with alternative flavourings.

Reduction of salt means keeping your blood pressure under strict control and this should be practiced right from childhood because by early 30s, you would need to switch to BP tablets and sleep supplements to simply control it as by now it will have manifested itself into something too big that you would have to carry with you till your last breath.